What is the noun of found


Find word family

find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find, find together

* Find *
Find a key, find the error, I find that very outrageous, find an excuse, everything will work out, you still found a fly in the ointment (something to complain about), that was a hit for the press their looks found each other, two soul mates have found each other, find no end, find themselves
* resign *
Although he was terminated, he was settled with € 20,000.
She could not come to terms with this injustice.
* find, find, *
The keys could not be found.
You are here in the margrave's audience room.
To be in a conflict. The country is in a state of emergency.
The Supervisory Board decides on the remuneration of the Management Board.
* find ready, find through *
He found himself ready to stand in for her.
I can't find my way through this mess of paper.
* find in, find in, d (a) find in *
We are supposed to come to the rehearsal at 7 p.m.
He has found his way into father duties in an exemplary manner.
You will have to feel like it or not.
* invent, find home *
When was the vacuum cleaner invented?
The adventures were invented by him!
The child did not find his way home.
* find out, find out, find out, find out *
How did you get here anyway? After various wrong turns, I found my way out of the building complex.
He found his way out of his depression.
She found out that he is already married.
We found our way straight away without a GPS.
It is not given to everyone to find their way to faith.
I can find my way out myself (the guest leaves the apartment unaccompanied).
* take place, find, find again *
Today is the race.
We found a mess.
I found his address again.
After this shock, it was difficult to regain one's mental equilibrium.
* find each other * (now hyphenated)
They had a heated argument, but found each other again.
* find their way *
I couldn't find my way around what he left behind.
* find back *
We almost couldn't find our way back to the parking lot.
I found it difficult to find my way back to the daily grind after this adventure trip.
* get together *
We have come together to form a parents' initiative.

Find Findings Laboratory Findings Soil Finds Treasure Finds Lost and Found Office Treasure Trove Lost property Find spot Random find

hand in a find at the lost property office; for my seminar paper I made a great find in the library; the laboratory results are forwarded to the attending physician; There are always excavations here; Treasure finds, on the other hand, tend to appear in pirate stories; this estate is a real treasure trove for things from the 50s; Please hand in lost and found items at reception; note the references for this data; a chance find made me come across old documents

more nouns
Finder Boy Scout Finder's reward
Foundling foundling block foundling
Well-being general well-being well-being well-being
Inventor Inventiveness Invention Inventiveness Inventiveness Inventiveness
severance pay

other contexts
the finder expects a high finder's reward; the boy has joined the boy scouts; a boulder / boulder block left over from the Ice Age; in the past, newborns were often abandoned and taken in as foundlings in an orphanage;
how are you feeling?
the general condition of the patient is satisfactory; she is very concerned for his well-being; we cannot go into the sensitivities of each individual here;
as an inventor, you should register your invention as a patent; to
apart from ingenuity, a lot of perseverance is required he showed ingenuity / ingenuity / ingenuity from an early age.
He received a severance payment from his company and took early retirement. The insurance company offered him € 10,000 to compensate for his claims.

Adjectives and adverbs
find find inventive inventive ingenious inexplicable undetectable found

After a long search in the archive, I finally found what I was looking for. He is already a resourceful / inventive head. There have been many difficulties, but inventive as he is, he has overcome them all. I can't figure out how anyone could fall for this crook. My vehicle registration is nowhere to be found. I have now found this chance acquaintance. The holiday home in Switzerland is rarely used by us.