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Erotic fantasies, sex practices and cravings, which you don't actually dare to dream of, still cheat their way into your nocturnal cinema from time to time? Erotic dreams are more than a sensual hint from the Sandman, they are an expression of your feelings. Interpret your erotic dreams and secret desires.

Wow! What was that? You're still all messed up. Uninhibited sex with a strange man. No, even with two strange men. You are still trembling. And not from fear, but from excitement and excitement. Because, if you’re honest, it was great. Better than anything you've seen before. And yet, it was "just" one erotic dream - far from any reality! You look next to you. Your partner is lying there and slumbering peacefully. And already you feel guilty. Your poor friend. And what's going on anyway? Where do these erotic dreams come from? And what does this sex dream actually mean? High time to find out!

Erotic dreams as emotional messages

Erotic dreams are by no means a cause for shame. On the contrary: They are helpful pointers to our innermost being, our feelings and longings. With the help of (erotic) dreams, the brain tries to gain access to emotions in order to process them better. The erotic dream can only be understood as a symbol; because it is not always about what was sexually experienced in the dream, but rather about longings and feelings that are associated with it. The brain works in many layers and can play through different images and stimuli at the same time.

Really experienced scenes or images of the past few days can be present at the same time as a longing and, as a colorful mixture of information, result in a dream - also an erotic one. Erotic dreamsFor example, those who have chosen their neighbors as protagonists do not necessarily have to deal with this person. It is possible that only the memory of yesterday's conversation at the garden fence meets a sexual longing and thus mixes into an erotic dream. So don't let yourself be drawn into too bold interpretations. If you want to interpret your erotic dream correctly, you have to thoroughly decipher your feelings and nocturnal symbols. Help on the interpretation of the most common erotic dreams can be found here.

Erotic dream: sex with two men or group sex

The dream: In erotic dreams in which several people are involved in making love, the dreaming often plays a central role. He lets himself be pampered - by several people at the same time. The people can be of the same sex or of the opposite sex.

The Interpretation of Dreams: Erotic dreams that involve multiple people often have a similar meaning to sex dreams that are about voyeurism. It is dreamed that other people see, perceive and maybe even serve their own sexual desires. In an emotionally figurative sense, this erotic dream could be an indication of an unfulfilled longing for attention. Are you not seen in everyday life? Does your environment not recognize your needs? Is your partner not fulfilling your wishes? Then draw attention to yourself. You don't have to sink into lovemaking with several people. You also get hearing, attention and attention on an emotional level, as long as you get the same for yourself. Talk to your partner, boss or whoever is overhearing you specifically about the situation and express your concerns.

Erotic dream: sex with a stranger

The dream: Erotic dreams by and with strangers are often wild and unrestrained. It's less about romance than adventure. Often you neither know the name of the stranger, nor have you exchanged many words with him before a violent love game occurs.

The Interpretation of Dreams: In the erotic dream of having sex with a stranger, strangeness plays a central role. You get to know something that was previously hidden from you. Discover new and exciting sides that the stranger brings you closer. It's about the desire to discover new things. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new sex practice or a new sex partner - maybe you are longing for a change in your life? Or you can feel aspects of yourself that were previously hidden. Get to know yourself. In real life you don't need a stranger for this, just yourself. Do you feel where your heart is drawn? To a new hobby? A new apartment? Or maybe a new partnership?

Erotic dream: SM practices with leather and whip

The dream: This erotic dream is pushing its limits - emotionally and physically. Psychological power is just as crucial in SM love play as pain and physical agony. Some experience this violent sex dream in the role of the one who exercises the SM practices and violence. Others dream more of a passive role and let the SM practices endure with pleasure in the dream.

The Interpretation of Dreams: Don't be alarmed if you are not into sexual violence in real life; only by one erotic dream As a rule, your preferences have not yet changed. But especially with such extreme sex dreams one should question the meaning of the dream. What is lived out physically in the dream often desires more attention in the waking state - namely the game between power and powerlessness. Check your emotions. Are there any situations, relationships, or life circumstances that make you feel powerless? Are you oppressed? Maybe not necessarily from a person, but from a situation that captivates you and does not let you escape. Or do you experience the opposite and do you feel too powerful? Maybe you have a lot of responsibility that you would like to shed from time to time? Regardless of whether you are looking for more self-determination or relief: Question which areas of life show an imbalance between activity and passivity.

Erotic dream: fling with a friend

The dream: The erotic dream of flinging with a friend can come in two forms. Either you find the person really attractive in real life or the opposite is the case and you would by no means waste an erotic thought on this person in everyday life. Either way: in the dream you have sex with this person and thus cheat on your partner.

The Interpretation of Dreams: Of course, one has erotic daydreams every now and then in everyday life - also from strangers. First of all, that's not bad. Not even if you continued these erotic daydreams at night. It doesn't have to be a sign that you are dissatisfied with your relationship or even plan to cheat on your partner. Still, ask yourself which feelings resonate with this dreamed affair. Maybe this person embodies a side that you've always wanted to live out. Perhaps it's not about the person himself. Since the brain is able to process several thoughts and images at the same time in the dream, it may well be that the image of the person only happens to come into contact with an erotic emotion and itself mixed into a coherent, erotic dream. Maybe the feeling of being on the side is in the foreground. What do you feel about it? Maybe the opportunity to do things that you no longer do? Or do you like to get recognition? Ask yourself what this sex dream gave you emotionally.

Erotic dream: lesbian sex

The dream: Whether with your best friend, colleague or a faceless stranger: Sex with a woman is one of the most common erotic dreams of women. Often it is about soft sex, with lots of strokes and caresses. Sometimes it is also about masturbation and touching your own body.

The Interpretation of Dreams: In this dream, too, the dreamed does not necessarily have to correspond to the real sexual desires and fantasies. Don't be frightened of yourself if you don't have lesbian cravings while awake. Use the sex dream, however, to experience its significance for your personality. In the erotic dream of sex between women, mutual tenderness often plays a role. Many women associate feeling, romance and empathy with lesbian sex. Emotional closeness is also clearly expressed in love play. Do you long for closeness? Does your real sex life give you too little tenderness? Or do you seek gentleness not necessarily on a sexual level, but in other areas of life that you encounter harshly. When making this interpretation, keep in mind that erotic dreams do not always have to be about external factors. Or maybe you are not affectionate enough with yourself - emotionally or physically. Especially sexual dreams, which are also about masturbation, indicate a deficit in self-love. Are you suppressing something? Test yourself - but in a gentle way.

Erotic dream: sex with one's partner

The dream: Erotic sex dreams do not always have to be unreal or take place with strangers. Maybe you just dream of your loved one. And experience in dreams scenes that you have already experienced together. But maybe you also dream things that are new sexual territory for you and your partnership. In any case, you will experience your erotic dream with your steady companion.

The Interpretation of Dreams: In erotic dreams that take place with one's own partner, the brain usually processes images and scenes that it has experienced while awake. In addition, the subconscious mixes a certain emotion or longing with these images in the dream. And it is precisely this that is decisive for the interpretation of the erotic dream. How did the sex dream feel with your partner? Was it heartfelt? Boring? Loving? Fulfilling? Or maybe just everyday? Test these feelings in terms of your emotional bond with your partner.

Text: Linda Freutel, 09/30/2013

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