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BC (German)

Part of Speech: Abbreviation

Word meaning / definition:
1) License Plate:District and city of Biberach


BC (English)

Part of Speech: Abbreviation

Other spellings:
1) B.C.
Word meaning / definition:
1) Before Christ - before Christ
2) British Columbia
3) IT: Backward Compatibility
1) BCE
Opposite words:
Application examples:
1) 1548 BC


Similar terms:
[ac)], BCE, PC

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The middle German's basketball players BC experienced a debacle at their first home game in the new Bundesliga season.
BILD.de, October 03, 2018

GMUNDEN. The swans meet in the tenth game of the Bundesliga basketball league BC Hallmann Vienna.
nachricht.at, December 6th, 2018

The Central German BC just missed the third win in a row. The team from Weißenfels lost on Wednesday evening in Ludwigsburg with 86:93 (40:46).
MDR, January 02, 2019

Marie Bertholdt played basketball in the USA and is currently sweeping with the BC Marburg through the women's Bundesliga. She doesn't really notice the success in her wallet.
hr-online, October 30, 2018

The boss of BC Partners talks about the boom in the industry, the shyness of the investment managers towards the public and the opportunities for acquisitions in a recession.
Handelsblatt.com, May 27, 2019

The relegation-threatened Bundesliga basketball team Mitteldeutscher BC separates from coach Björn Harmsen.
dradio.de, February 16, 2020

The Bundesliga basketball team Mitteldeutscher BC strengthens itself with the Polish national player Michal Michalak.
GMX, June 11, 2020

Emily Molnar from the ballet BC Vancouver about passion, doubt and William Forsythe's art of improvisation.
DiePresse.com, November 25, 2019

In the semifinals it is against the class higher Birkenwerder BC 2-0. The final opponent is Zepernick.
Moz.de, August 01, 2020

The Central German BC from Weißenfels relies on crowdfunding because of the financial problems caused by the suspension of gaming operations in the BBL and the macroeconomic consequences of the corona crisis.
Spox, March 24, 2020

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Dictionary entries

Entries from our dictionary containing "BC":

v. Chr.: C., A.C., AC (ante Christum); B.C., BC, b.c. (before Christ); B.C.E., BCE Catalan: 1) aC French: 1) av

v. u. Z.:… 1) Time calculation application examples: 1) 1548 BC u. Z. Translations English 1) BCE, BC French: 1) av. J.-C. Catalan: 1) aC Polish:…

aC:… Opposite words: 1) dC, pC Translations German: 1) v. BC, before Christ English: BC, BCE, (before Christ) Latin: ante Christum Similar terms: [ac)], [ac)], [bc)…

př.n.l.:… Zahájil tak občanskou válku. In 49 BC He crossed the Rubicon River and thus started the civil war. German translations: 1) v. Chr ...

Garbage compactor: "Categories in which both the pivot-steered 7t tandem roller Bomag BW 154 AP and the garbage compactor BC 472 RS were able to secure an exposed position."

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