How do I do the most pleasant foreplay

Advanced Blowjob Tips: How To Turn Men On

Whether in a relationship, an affair or a one-night stand: The right technique in bed is important so that both parties can have fun. So that it doesn't always just stay with boring little flower sex, you should pamper your loved one with hot tongue games - right on their best piece. Men love Blowjobs and they belong in the repertoire for good sex. However, women should be practiced so that the spoiled can also enjoy it. These blowjob tips will help you with that.

Blowjob tips: deep looks and slow movements

The right blowjob tips are important, because a blowjob is not a simple, all-in-it-out game, but requires the right technique and a lot of feeling. The be-all and end-all, however, is passion. Woman must be in the mood for tongue acrobatics, because otherwise the blowjob is often doomed to fail right at the beginning.

When things get hot and you slide your face down a floor, you should first make sure that you gently and carefully surround the glans with your lips. Then let your tongue run free and lick the tip of his best piece with the tip of your tongue. When you notice that it is getting more and more aroused, look deep into its eyes and slide your lips down as far as possible. Caution: only take the best piece in your mouth as far as is comfortable for you. Now you can move your lips from the bottom up and lick your tongue at the same time. When you reach the top, circle them Acorn before it goes back to the shaft. You will see with these blowjob tips, he will be unstoppable with ecstasy.

Blowjob tips to its climax

With this technique, it won't be too long before it comes. Almost all men dream of being allowed to come in the woman's mouth. You can sperm swallow or spit out without hesitation. Here you have to decide for yourself what is most comfortable for you.

Stick to these blowjob tips and you will see that your partner will surely thank you in a very special way ...

The finger blowjob - a simple blowjob

Do you already know the finger blowjob and have you tried it before? Find out here how you can seduce your partner in a completely different way of blowjob! The finger blowjob is all about inserting a finger or two of your partner's mouth while they enjoy this show. The finger blowjob is best for thatforeplay.

By sucking and wetting your partner's fingers, he can get hisFantasies give free rein to what's next. You probably think that the finger blowjob is useless. Finally, there are other areas of the body that are much more sensitive than the fingers. But don't be fooled! Finger blowjob is not primarily about stimulating their fingers, but rather about getting your partner in the mood with dirty thoughts!

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