The ukulele was invented in Hawaii

As an accessory for pinup girls, the ukulele also found its way into the soldiers' lockers.

Pacific - Asia - Australia

From Hawaii and the USA the ukulele spreads throughout the Pacific, via Japan probably to Southeast Asia: South Korea, Singapore and Thailand are today strongholds of the ukulele. China as a cheap producer (on the Internet from € 12 the "piece") contributes the rest ...

Internet networks sales

If you enter the term ukulele on Google, you will immediately find over 40 million hits (as of 2012) - more precise information is required. The global ukulelisation is of course reflected in networks such as Facebook, but above all in the video network YouTube. Since 2009, a short film entitled "Mighty Uke" has documented the global comeback of the ukulele.
The development manifests itself accordingly in the sales of the music trade. In the USA alone, sales increased by a quarter between 2009 and 2010. In terms of quantity, the market is probably determined by inferior products of Chinese origin.

National Association of Music Merchants

The big rush between 2007 and 2011 is history, but as a search term on the Internet, the interest in the ukulele is not diminishing.

When Santa Claus was there ...
With extremely cheap entry-level prices (sometimes offered on the Internet from 12 euros), something like a ukulele is more and more often on the table of gifts for some unsuspecting people - and the day after the presents are presented, the recipients want to know what was served to them. The "audience" of these pages quickly climbs to three times the average value, especially on the two public holidays - and I better put my AB off ...

      As for meSo I bought my first ukulele in summer 1999 (see my memoirs), from 2002 I discovered the niche at that time as a teaching opportunity and began offering individual and group lessons at the end of 2003 - initially with hesitant acceptance, my personal ideas at schools and higher institutes ran into Empty. So I founded my own "Alles-Uke" school at home, not realizing that the ukulele cult would reach all media a few years later. From 2007 onwards, several appearances by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in Germany, and in 2013 and 2015 even at the Dresden Semperoper, have undoubtedly contributed to this. In an ironic allusion to this eight-member ensemble, I called my student band, founded in 2005, "Ukulele Orchester Laubegast", at peak times two dozen children, but also parents and grandparents came on stage - which of course caused quite a stir at various street festivals in my hometown Dresden. Because of my ironic announcements "as the world-famous ukulele orchestra Laubegast in Laubegast", the first German ukulele orchestra made waves on the Internet, which led to imitators and a strange letter from the attorney for the British orchestra. In the meantime, the ensemble has shrunk in favor of manageability and is simply called: The one with the ukuleles.


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