What is the motivation of AI

Artificial intelligence: these professions are changing the world

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the top model among IT topics. There is hardly any other IT topic that so fascinates society. But how do you gain a foothold as a computer scientist in this area? We'll uncover some misconceptions and show you how best to qualify for an AI job.

Destruction fantasies: how dangerous is AI?

Creepy Artificial Intelligence (AI) stories exist like gold nuggets in California. Almost everyone has seen the Matrix and Terminator. By the way, Ex Machina is good too! Many people may stand on the back of their necks because of these films when they hear about AI in real life.

To put it briefly, these fears are nonsense - they come from the realm of the imagination. The fear of a Terminator's AI is just as justified as the fear of meeting Darth Vader on the street. But what good is AI if it doesn't want to destroy us? ?

This is how companies use artificial intelligence

Above all, artificial intelligence helps the economy. As a computer scientist, you use AI to improve business processes. I'll show you how this works with an example. Danger! The following horror story is based on a true story:

You may also have heard of the infamous process in a Facebook lab. Researchers there let the two robots Bob and Alice talk to each other. After a short time, the machines began to develop a mysterious secret language. In the end, at the very last nano-second, the scientists pulled the plug and stopped the experiment. Scary, isn't it?

Whitepaper: Trainee IT Consultant

How do you explain how our trainee program works and what awaits you during this time!

Whitepaper: Trainee IT Consultant

The wording of the conversation shows that the experiment did not mark the beginning of the end of the world:

Bob: "I can can I I everything else." Alice replied: "Balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to."

At least now you should realize that Bob & Alice have not tried to usurp world domination. Your job was to negotiate a ball. You developed a dialect with which the conversation should run faster and more successfully. So the AI ​​tried to optimize the preprogrammed course of the conversation.

As you can see, attempts to optimize language use don't make that much sense. In corporate processes, however, it does. With AI, companies can ensure that machines do their tasks more effectively through learning effects and generate more sales. As a computer scientist, you have many opportunities in this area.

These AI professions are open to you

With AI you can deal with countless professions. They are basically divided into three areas:

Machine learning: Artificial intelligence is based on huge amounts of data. As a computer scientist, you provide them with this data. The larger the information pool, the better and more adaptive the AI. In practice this means: A machine that has a lot of data on an error recognizes it more quickly and avoids it more often.

Robotics: More and more robots are taking on tasks in industry. Complex systems control gripper arms, for example, in order to assemble systems. You need a lot of technical know-how for robotics, because you not only build robots - you also program and train them.

Speech technology: Alexa, yodel! So that Amazon's voice box doesn't start chasing heavy metal through the loudspeakers, a specialist in speech technology is needed. In this job, you equip the AI ​​with voice data and practice dialogues with it.

As an AI specialist, you are in great demand on the job market. But what are the specific professions in these three areas? We have put together our top ten for you:

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Deep learning engineer
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Algorithm Developer
  • Junior data scientist
  • Developer Consultant
  • Director of Data Science
  • Lead data scientist

As you can see, there are many career opportunities. By the way, you can also work with AI at mindsquare, e.g. B. as a consultant in the field of AI.

How mindsquare is positioning itself in the field of AI

Artificial intelligence is as important in today's working world as floppy disks were in the 80s - as an IT consulting company, of course, we deal with it. We offer our customers software products that work with AI. In addition to introductory projects, this also includes training for employees. The topic is so burning for us that we are even setting up a separate department for it. As an IT consultant, you can contribute directly to it and turn your ideas into reality. In this way you make mindsquare even better than it is. But which training is suitable for this?

Without a special degree in the AI ​​profession

Many people have acquired their AI knowledge in practice. If you want to work in the field of artificial intelligence, you should study computer science and specialize in the subject as early as possible during your studies. There are still very few courses of study tailored directly to AI. For this reason, too, many computer scientists often only acquire their know-how in the field of AI in practice.


Everyone knows horror stories about artificial intelligence. But mankind does not have to fear that machines will conquer our world. AI improves processes in companies and offers you, as a computer scientist, a wide range of career opportunities. Because there are only a few degree programs that are geared towards AI, many computer specialists gain their know-how in practice.

You can also deal with AI at mindsquare. Here you can see what we are doing in this area. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.