What is an EPOS system

Personnel and time management EPOS

EPOS is a web-based human resource (HR) system. Materna supports authorities outside the Federal Administration Office with the introduction and operation of the system, with individual adjustments, the connection of third-party systems and product training.

Business processes from personnel, organization, position and working time management can be mapped in EPOS. More than 60 federal authorities are already using this standard product, which is strategically important for the Federal Office of Administration (BVA). Parts of the state and local administrations also use EPOS successfully in practice.

EPOS offers the sub-areas of a central department - consisting of personnel, organization, budget and internal service - a uniform database. It forms the basis for planning and implementing business processes individually and for connecting systems with additional functionalities, such as: B. time recording, cost and performance accounting (KLR), workflow management systems, salary and remuneration systems. EPOS also contains communication control options, a uniform document filing system and control elements with which organizational target values ​​and budgetary target specifications can be integrated into the system.

Department-specific specialist procedures

Performance characteristics

Central personnel management system for authorities

  • Central, web-enabled information system with a wide range of agency-specific expansion options
  • Great professional and technical flexibility
  • Modern, user-friendly navigation with process-related detailed views
  • Calculation functionalities, deadline calculations and reminder management
  • Practice-oriented further development for the public service according to the "one for all" principle
  • Largely platform-independent system solution
  • Multi-tenancy: support of several authorities in one system
  • Connection option to external systems via appropriate interfaces


Kiel resolutions

The EPOS personnel management system is available free of charge to federal, state and local authorities as part of the Kiel resolutions. The respective users only have to pay for the procurement and maintenance of the technical infrastructure as well as for individually requested adjustments and for support services.

Services outside BVA

Custom implementation by Materna

  • EPOS first introduction to new customers

    • Development and implementation of the project management
    • Expert advice on business processes
    • Technical advice on system structure
    • Development of a needs-based training concept
    • Support in the creation of a usage concept and a data protection concept
    • Draft and adaptation of service agreements

  • Deriving the concrete target requirements for customer-specific adjustments

    • Creation of requirement or specialist concepts
    • Technical concepts, operating concepts, specifications as well as implementation concepts with a view to the customer-specific adaptations of EPOS
    • Creation of feasibility studies and proofs of concepts

  • Integration of the EPOS system into the business processes to be supported
  • Conception and development of new, customer-specific modules
  • Conception and development of interfaces for connecting third-party systems
  • Professional and technical support as well as operational support
  • Installation and integration services on different platforms and in differently configured environments
  • Adaptation of the IT system to the requirements of the customer or modification of the customer's business processes for optimal support from EPOS
  • Creation of standard evaluations, filters and standard letters using the reporting functions of EPOS
  • EPOS product training (training concept, training planning, user or multiplier training, admin training, teaching materials, learning platform)