How often should i replace ink cartridges?

How often can I refill a printer cartridge?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. There are too many factors that can prevent filling. As a rule, the higher-quality printer cartridges are filled. These are mostly so-called print head cartridges as used by HP and Lexmark. Some Canon printers also use such ink cartridges. The actual printhead is part of the printer cartridge. This consists of the pure ink tank and the print head. Here the quality of the print head is decisive for how often you can fill this printer cartridge.

In our experience, you can refill HP printer cartridges up to 10 times, a Lexmark cartridge, with a lot of luck, 2 - 3 times and a Canon print head cartridge up to 5 times. Then, however, the microfine nozzles are so worn that individual nozzles fail and the print image is defective.

In the case of ink cartridges without a print head, i.e. so-called ink tanks, individual assemblies determine the frequency of filling. Here it is usually the case that the built-in sponges, which slowly release the printer ink into the ink lines, begin to harden or slowly become unusable due to dried-on ink residues. This results in either too fast an ink flow (hardened sponge) or too slow an ink flow (sticky or encrusted sponge). In the first case, the print image will be smeared or, in the extreme case, the printer ink will even run into the device. In the second case, the printed image has dropouts or has faded. In this case, especially with Epson printers, you run the risk of overheating and destroying the print head.