What are some recommended Nordic TV series

Top 7 Scandinavian crime series

Tension on the screen doesn't always come from the USA: The Scandinavians have it too and surprise us again and again with books, films and series. Check out the top 7 Scandinavian crime series!

Those who like crime novels will know: The authors who are among the best in their craft come from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbø, Håkan Nesser, Arnaldur Indriðason or Stieg Larsson are just a few names from the inexhaustible reservoir of Scandinavian crime novelists who combine a high literary level with a lot of excitement and entertainment value. So it's no wonder that the region has blossomed from a cinematic point of view and moving stories no longer just spill across the pond onto our screens.

Often, Scandinavian TV series are about nothing less than saving democracy and the legal system, because politicians from the Far North are definitely not free from faults and blame. Stilted dialogues, artificial language or boring plots are rarely presented to us. As a rule, Scandinavian TV thrillers are like the books from this region: they are provided with a good dose of high-level thrills, with interesting characters and a moral that makes many viewers stuck in their throats.

In any case, we are always impressed by the often morose and silent commissioners from the far north. They convince us and that is why we have put together our top 7 Scandinavian crime series. See for yourself!

Top 7: Single parent power woman with class
Police officer Anna Pihl begins her service in the largest police station in Copenhagen in the first episode of Anna Pihl - On the patrol in Copenhagen. She is divorced with her son and a gay friend. In the first episode there is a crackle between her new colleague and her. However, this is averted by a returning ex and Anna henceforth consistently separates private life and work. In the meantime, the strong investigator had a market share of 60% on Danish television thanks to the strong third season. This success did not materialize in Germany. Nevertheless, the stories about the loving mother and intelligent investigator are worth more than one sighting.

Top 6: Lilyhammer
In the Norwegian series Lilyhammer, our protagonist, Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, is accepted into a witness protection program. As one of the bosses of the Italian Mafia in New York, he testified against his assistants. He would like to build his new life in the Norwegian city of Lillehammer, where he quickly makes new friends and gradually feels really good. But gradually his past catches up with him and he still does not seem to have freed himself from the old behavioral patterns. Lilyhammer combines thrill, drama and a touch of tragic comedy in an impressive way that few series can. So far there is only one season with eight episodes, so it can be caught up quickly. It is definitely recommended.

Top 5: The bridge
After a power outage, halves of a corpse are found on the Oresund Bridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden, which have been placed in such a way that they fall within the jurisdiction of Sweden and Denmark. In the 10 episodes of the series Die Brücke - Transit in den Tod von Hans Rosenfeldt, commissioners from both countries have to investigate together. Season 2 of the acclaimed series is already in the works and will air in their home countries in late 2013.

Top 4: Protectors - For life and death
Our Danish neighbors have given us twenty episodes of the award-winning crime series Protectors - Auf Leben und Tod (Original title: Livvagterne). The focus is on the personal protection force of the Copenhagen police, which is entrusted with much more than just the safety of nobles and politicians. The three budding bodyguards Rasmus Poulsen (Søren Vejby), Jasmina El-Murad (Cecilie Stenspil) and Jonas Goldschmidt (André Babikian) have to go through a tough school to be accepted into the special unit. Acts as the production company of the series Danmarks Radio (DR)who have two other extremely promising Scandinavian crime series in their repertoire: Der Adler - Die Spur des Verbrechens and Commissioner Lund - Das Verbrechen.