Why is broken glass seen as bad luck

Dream interpretation glass

Today, glass surrounds us in all kinds of shapes and colors - be it window glass, mirror, glass vase, glass bowl or glasses. There are even glass elevators, which leave some passengers with a queasy feeling. And some people need a glass eye to replace their lost organ.

Glass can be clear, milky, transparent, colorful, thick or thin. Very few people probably know that glass is as old as the earth. This makes it one of the oldest materials known to man. Glass existed long before man could make it himself. It occurs when quartz sand is melted in sandy areas in extreme heat - by a volcanic eruption or lightning strikes. This glassy rock, which emerged from the solidified liquid, is known as obsidian and it was already used by the Stone Age people as a cutting tool.

In addition to mechanical glass production, there is also the profession of glass blower. Here glasses and other forms of processing glass are still made by hand, but this requires great craftsmanship, creativity and an eye for detail. It is not for nothing that glassblowing is also referred to as handicraft.

The glass can appear in our dreams in different forms and therefore offers us a multitude of possibilities for interpretation. Let us first take a look at a dream situation with glass that we often experience: the cracked material.

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Dream symbol "Glass" - The most common dreams about the symbol

Broken! Broken glass and shards as symbols of luck

In the interpretation of dreams, broken glass can symbolize luck, provided that the material is clear and transparent. Milky, cloudy glass that shatters in a dream, on the other hand, is often interpreted for a time of new contact. The dreamer reconnects with his fellow human beings, since a - perhaps inner - barrier has been loosened. The breaking of a glass bottle is also considered positive, because the dreaming will possibly be able to free himself from a worry. If the sleeping person intentionally breaks a glass himself in their dream, it can lead to an argument in reality.

Spit glass, ouch! A common dream ...

Glass symbolizes in dreams both luck and the vulnerability of the dreaming. The second aspect in particular is important in the dream experience in which one spits out glass. The mental state of the sleeping person is weakened, because negative feelings have long been suppressed. The own sensitivity belongs to those emotions: it is interpreted by the sleeper as weakness and therefore suppressed. But it is important to deal with every part of your personality and to stand by it.

Dream symbol "glass" - the general interpretation

The glass as a dream symbol has many positive aspects in the general interpretation, but precise details of the dream experience are of crucial importance. Glass symbolizes on the one hand luck, but also on the other hand vulnerability.

If you see jewelry made of glass in a dream, you must reckon that your planned ventures may fail. Giving away glasses promises the dreaming good reputation and also having several full glasses in front of his dreaming eyes indicate optimistic thinking and future success down.

If the person concerned breaks a glass himself, there may be a separation in the room, something is about to break. But if he sees himself surrounded by broken glass, splinters and shards, a surprising one waves to him Profit. A cracked glass should be considered warning to be understood from deception or fraud.

A lens made of glass is symbolically aimed at the dreamer's attention. He should now “examine” a person or a situation very carefully.

Further possible interpretations of the dream symbol "glass":

  • Seeing clear glass: projects are mastered with a clear mind
  • Seeing cloudy glass: you have to reckon with obstacles in the future
  • Polishing glass: difficulties are overcome
  • Seeing an empty glass: you are not welcome as a guest
  • Lots of empty glasses: difficult times threaten, save with foresight
  • Filling a glass with water: promises good health
  • Glass full of wine: promises good courage and great pleasure
  • Glass overflows: Caution, there is a risk of an argument!
  • Aquarium: empty it reminds you to be patient, with fish in it it promises luck and success
  • Jam jar: great exertions will come on the dreamer
  • Mustard jar: you shouldn't get involved in shady projects
  • Rollboots in a glass: you want to fulfill a long-cherished wish
  • throwing a glass at a topping-out ceremony: a new beginning may be imminent
  • Buying glass: too much waste
  • Seeing or using glass bottles: one's own character traits are "transparent" and easy to decipher for others.

Dream symbol "glass" - the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream interpretation offers interesting aspects when looking at the exact content of the dream. The essence of the dreaming itself appears as fragile as the glass. To break glass in the dream, perhaps a window, symbolizes here possibly that the person concerned wants to tear down protective walls that he himself has erected in order to open up to new things. Here, too, the desire for more is expressed in the broken glass inner clarity out.

On the other hand, cloudy glass blocks this clear view and can express confusion and a lack of perspective. Broken glass always has the aspect of the fragility of relationships. This can be a relationship with another person, but also with yourself.

For the correct interpretation one should include exact details of the dream here. Were there other people who played a role in the dream event and in what relationship did the dreaming experience himself to them?

To be separated from other people by a glass wall or closed glass door, perhaps even to sit all alone in a glass house, can indicate that there may be difficulties in communication in the social fabric. How does the dreaming experience himself through this separation? Does he perceive the glass wall as pleasant or rather as annoying and stressful?

Depending on which feelings go hand in hand with this dream image, it may be understood as a suggestion to the dreaming to question his own and the social abilities of the others more precisely and perhaps find solutions for better ones communication to find.

The attempt to glue a broken glass makes it clear, according to the dream interpretation, that the person concerned may still close his eyes too much to painful facts. By repairing the crack in the glass, he wants to try a holy image to create - but which no longer corresponds to reality.

Likewise, looking through darkened or matt glass in a dream can be a sign of a wrong perspective or the desire for more privacy express.

Dream symbol "glass" - the spiritual interpretation

At the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream image "glass" stands for transparency and the connection to the heavenly element. Here the glass also stands as a separation between earthly life and life afterwards.