Why does every website translate Chinese differently?

iOS 14: Translate web pages in Safari - that's how it works

In addition to the "Translate" app for all written and spoken texts, iOS 14 offers a similar function in Safari. Here you can find out how you can translate entire websites under iOS 14.

[IMPORTANT: At this point in time (October 2020), the function is not yet available as standard in Germany. According to some users, the feature can currently only be used if "US" is selected as the country. In our test, however, it only worked when we also set “English” as the device language. You can then have entire websites translated in Safari as described below.]

Safari translates websites into these languages

Apple does its homework and keeps adding practical functions to its own Safari browser that Google has been offering for its Chrome app for a long time. The latest example in iOS 14 is the integration of a translation function for entire websites. As for the "Translate" app, you can choose from eleven different languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The developers will probably submit additional languages ​​via update at a later date.

iOS 14: How to use Safari's new translation function

As soon as you land in Safari on iOS 14 on a website whose texts were written in a language you do not know, it is time for the practical translation function. How to activate it:

  1. Tap the "aA" icon in the top left corner of the screen (to the left of the URL / search field).
  2. Select the translation option in the menu below.

In contrast to the "Translate" app, which also works offline, the URL of the website and its content must be transferred to the Apple server. However, information from the websites you visit is not saved. The first time you use the function, the operating system asks you to agree to this process. You can also decline it, but Safari won't translate it.

Safari automatically detects subpages

The advantage: If you have activated the translation function for a website, it affects the entire domain. You don't have to repeat the process for each subpage, you can click your way through the localized offer. You only need to repeat the steps listed above when calling up another domain. By the way: The translation in Safari also works under iPadOS 14 on an iPad.

Have you already tried the new Safari Translator? Then let us know in the comments how satisfied you are with him.