What services can I sell on Instagram

Selling Services on Instagram - How It Works

I am asked so often how I managed to sell my services on Instagram and get them to my dream customers without actually doing anything (lucky me) - and I would like to go into that now.

I want to try something different instead of my boring standard posts: a little mini training, so to speak, for all service providers who want to win their customers via Instagram - without constantly vegetating in the DMs or comments from potential customers.

Make it clear what your ideal customer really needs

When it comes to addressing the needs of your ideal customer, you actually have two options:

  1. You create your service packages based on the wishes and problems of your current community
  2. You look for your dream customer on Instagram and make them aware of you

If you have problems, either in terms of time or for other reasons, in taking care of a new target group (WHAT I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!), For which your services are OPTIMAL, you have to adapt your packages to your current target group.

Most of the time it doesn't even need a big change, it is enough if you communicate it differently and, for example, address the pain points of your potential customers or show them what transformation they can achieve through you and your services!

Offer free added value - a lot of it

Which platform is actually better suited for crisp added value than Instagram? Use your feed posts and show your expert knowledge of your services! You can also show small mini trainings in your stories, make them a regular format so that people understand what you know about and, above all, HOW MUCH KNOWLEDGE you have about it!

Don't be afraid to show your knowledge. And remember the rule: show added value by showing WHY people need or have to do something - but don't reveal yours Secret sauce - that is what defines you and for that they have to work with you!

Build Trust!

Usually, it is not the case that everyone who stumbles across your profile will book you right away. That's okay, we don't even want that. After all, we are in the process of positioning ourselves as experts and it is perfectly fine that people want to get to know us first and, above all, have to build the trust they need to invest their money in us.

Wrist times pi they say that it takes five to seven weeks for people to trust you enough to seek cooperation. Whereby we would be back to point 2 - deliver added value, show personality and above all, just be yourself!