How can I access blocked files

Access locked folders with Notepad

Roland Freest

You can use the Windows editor to assign admin access rights to files if this is otherwise impossible.

EnlargeYou can use the dialog for opening files, for example in the Windows Editor, as a simple substitute for Explorer and provide it with admin rights.

Sometimes it is desired to equip Windows Explorer (see also: Clever tips for Windows Explorer) with the access rights of an administrator in order to access otherwise locked folders. However, if you enter “explorer” in the start menu and right-click the shortcut to the program, the “Run as administrator” command is not available.

There is an easy way to get around this Windows limitation: Instead of Windows Explorer, use the file menu of any other Windows application as a file manager. It provides almost all functions that the original Explorer also offers.

For example, the Windows editor, notepad.exe, is well suited. Type in "editor" in the start menu and click the link with the right mouse button. Select "Run as administrator". In the program click on “File> Open” and switch from “Text files (* .txt)” to “All files (*. *)” In the lower right-hand corner. You can now use the “Open” window like a file manager.

Free tuning for Windows Explorer

ShellExView The freeware ShellExView shows all shell extensions on your system, including the extension name, type, description, publisher and filename.

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