How do I design a poster in A2 format

A2 poster

A2 posters can even be ordered in large quantities from These are created using high-quality printing processes. Both the tried and tested offset printing process and the digital printing process can be used for this.

The prices for these A2 poster printing projects are low, after all, you get a high-quality advertising material that you can enclose with your customers or business partners in a customer letter. If you notice during the design that another format seems more suitable, print options for the formats DIN A1 poster and DIN A3 poster are also possible. There should be a nice motif on it that is really appealing to the viewer. However, it must also be possible to establish a reference to the company content. If the company's logo is also shown, this should meet the requirements of the corporate design. This means that the recognition value through the use of the same fonts and colors for all communication media in a company should be considered.

Have a DIN A2 poster printed

Printing a2 poster should also be done on high-quality paper. That is why OvernightPrints uses art paper with a grammage of 150g / m² for the best possible poster printing. Especially when the DIN A2 poster is picked up, it should also feel high-quality. The feel is very often attributed to the creator, which is why it is worthwhile to stand out positively in this regard.

In addition to the feel of the poster, the look of the poster is also very important. The visual impression can be reinforced after printing the A2 poster if you choose a high-gloss coating. So that the color reproduction is very realistic, the CMYK format should be selected for the color space and the photos must be delivered in the highest possible resolution.

Create A2 posters cheaply at OvernightPrints

There are various payment options at OvernightPrints. All prices for printing the A2 poster include 19% VAT. The shipping costs are calculated according to the quantity and the place of order. You can easily determine the price in our practical shipping calculator.

So that the DIN A2 posters are correctly aligned, i.e. the motifs are clearly visible and no unwanted areas can be seen in the picture, experienced employees of our company carry out a free data check. This takes place immediately after the corresponding file has been uploaded online. The template can be created with various software. Various options are available here, from Microsoft Word to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Indesign.

Instructions on how to use the format templates can be found on our website. If you have any questions, it is best to send an email to [email protected] or to our service hotline. Answers to frequently asked questions about the A2 poster can also be found on our website under the heading "Frequently asked questions".