What is diplomacy game

The event

The DrachenFest is a large live-action roleplay (LARP for short) gathering of live role-players from all over the world with up to 5000 participants.

Under the concept of a contest of different philosophies / paths (referred to as dragons), the main focus at the DrachenFest is on that Role play with each other and on a Combat system player with player and character against character.

The DrachenFest takes place in a medieval setting, which is very broad and leaves a lot of freedom for your own character design. For the time of the festival, you will join a kite camp according to your goals and values. There you follow your chosen path.

The venue for the kite festival is Aldradach on the festival island of kites. In the respective camps you can advance strategy and diplomacy games and, of course, act according to your personal wishes.

Numerous institutions and guilds are waiting for you in the city of Aldradach, offering role-play and interaction opportunities everywhere. Here you can go on your own personal search for adventures, secrets and the experience of an entire city, with its many inhabitants, special features and offers.

The game concept

The kite festival is a free game concept. For you as a player, this means above all that you can help shape this world according to your ideas.

The descriptions of the camps are intended to help you make a decision. The dragons describe the different paths a character can take. But in the end, you and the other players shape the path and the way to represent this path, to make alliances and to fight battles.

Tasks and adventures (so-called plots) that are brought into the game from our side can be taken up by you, but do not have to be. Likewise, we do not design the solution and the outcome of these plots rigidly linear, but they can also be solved by our own and coherent actions.

Gods and dragons

As in every pantheon of gods, the different philosophies / ways are personified. Therefore, the different paths are referred to as dragons and are often seen as gods, as they are best played with.

Often the question arises: "But I am already serving another god, then how can I serve a dragon?".
The background of the DrachenFest is deliberately kept in such a way that you can get involved with pretty much any character. Each "god" of a character has its significant properties and so one should be able to find the path of "his god" in the pantheon of dragons.

The kite camps themselves represent this path, the dragon of the camp itself represents all gods that have the properties of the respective camp.

So, as a rule, every god of a character will be found again and so on You fight at the DrachenFest for the respective god of the character.

Background setting

The kite festival takes place at the time of the young second kite world. The rulers of this world are immortal brothers - the dragons - linked by their immutable opposites.

The dragons once destroyed their homeland in the struggle for domination - the first world of dragons. It was only when their world was lost that they realized what they had done with their argument. They felt guilty and ashamed of what they had done.

They created a new world and summoned the guardian from the essence of the first dragon world so that he should be a living memorial to them for what they had done and they decided that they never wanted to fight each other again. But for the well-being of the eternal cycle a competition between the dragons is necessary and so they invented the Kite Festival.

Those who followed the ways of the dragons should fight for the dragons from now on.
Far away from the mortal world, created according to rules only for the competition of dragons, they call their followers to the dragon world once every year, guide them with protective wings over the sea and through the great fog to them.
Under their protection, led by their messengers - the powerful avatars - their fighters fight for victory every year. Whoever emerges victorious from the competition as the strongest dragon will be the ruler of the dragon lands for one year.

And so they put their power in the hands of mortals and the feast of the dragons takes its course ...