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I can do them without medical need not kept here.
I am pretty sure english one need for agents from the DEA.
DEA Ajanları için, ingilizcenin bir gewklilik olduğuna oldukça eminim.
And I told him there weren't any need for a large army.
Ve ben de ona büyük bir orduya rek olmadığını söyledim.
you need to do something to fix this.
Bu sorunları aşmak için bir şeyler yapmanız rek.
There are none at all need for atomic energy.
Nükleer güce kesinlikle hiç bir ihtiyaç yoktur.
You felt that one need Template.
Power, ideals, the old morals and practical military need.
Distress and need, Do you understand?
No needto spoil their vacation.
Tatillerini mahvetmeye rek yok.
A need in my industry.
Well this need still exists.
No needto start a quarrel among friends.
Dostlar arasında tartışmaya rek yok.
There is a military one needto act now.
I think this is one need, Ceren.
Science has that need proven to change.
I'm pretty sure the biological one need Makes medical sense.
Without immortality there is none need more to drink blood.
Ölümsüzlük olmayınca kandan beslenme ihtiyacı da olmaz.
Well my friend, there is no such thing need.
Maybe it was need, a cover-up.
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