How can I enjoy life without nature



In addition to exercise and sleep, our diet undoubtedly has the greatest influence on our health. Despite this knowledge, we do not always give our body the variety of nutrients it needs to function properly, or we burden it with unnecessary additives and residues of pesticides. With a diet that is based on variety, balance, freshness, naturalness and seasonality, we can make our body happy without sacrificing, instead with pure enjoyment.

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The earth that nourishes us is in danger and with it the livelihoods of billions of people. The poisoning of our soils and waters by chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the human-induced changes in our climate and the waste of our resources continue inexorably. Most of us watch helplessly.

In this section we provide you with technical information on the topic of sustainability - scientifically based and free of ideologies. In addition, we would like to give you suggestions as to what a more sustainable life can look like without major restrictions and how you can also get involved with mother nature.