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FIFA 21: How to Increase Chemistry in FUT

Reach 100 values!

Every FIFA player knows that chemistry has a huge impact on players and their performance on the Ultimate Team. With maximum chemistry you can increase the values ​​of your players by up to 90 points. Of course, it depends on the chemistry / chemistry style used. That means you can decide for yourself which attributes you want to improve. It's pretty easy to choose chemistry styles for the most commonly used values. But how can you get the best out of them? We'll tell you in these FUT 21 tips!

Chemistry styles

To use them properly, you first need to understand how chemistry works in FIFA 21. There are two types of chemistry: individual player chemistry and team chemistry. The player chemistry can vary from 1 to 10, while the team chemistry is the sum of all player chemistries and can be increased up to 100. In theory, it would be enough to get each player's chemistry up to 9 to get 100 on a team of 11. But in practice this is not enough and you need 10 for the best results. Player chemistry accounts for about 75% of the elevated attributes, while team chemistry is only 25%. Nevertheless, both are important and you want to have the maximum chemistry for maximum success.

How do you improve chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team?

There are two factors that affect your players' chemistry: their position and their connection to fellow players. As soon as you have set up a player, his position is shown under the map. This can have three colors: green, orange or red. Green means his chemistry will increase because he is playing in his preferred position. He's in a similar position at Orange, but the chemistry will go down slightly. Red indicates that you set up the player incorrectly. That will greatly reduce the chemistry between the players and the team. In a nutshell: every player should play in their best position to get the best FUT 21 chemistry values. But don't worry, the position modifiers will help you change a player from orange to green.

The second important factor in FUT chemistry is the connections between the players. If your players have something in common, for example their nationality, their league or their club, then you increase the chemistry. Here, too, it is shown in color how the compounds affect the chemistry. For green they have to have two or three things in common. Orange doesn't worsen the chemistry here. A line-up with 11 players from the same league or country will bring you maximum chemistry.

You can use these tricks to increase FUT 21 chemistry

The biggest problem with hybrid teams is usually the connections between the players. Sometimes you have a striker who fits perfectly into the ZDM position because he has orange connections there. You have certainly already had an opponent who positions Ronaldo as ZDM and lets Kanté play in the storm. And you ask yourself: why is he doing this? Well, he doesn't do it at all, it just looks like it. In this case you can use modifiers to change the position of your players from ST to ZDM.

For this you need four position modifiers: ST -> MS, MS -> ZOM, ZOM -> ZM, ZM -> ZDM. Of course, your striker can't play in defensive midfield because it's not the right position for him. There are custom tactics for this, in which you can set up your players the way you want them to be. As soon as the game starts, you choose the tactic and the line-up will automatically change so that, for example, a ZDM plays in the storm. Don't worry, the player's chemistry will still be at 10. The only important thing is to have the players in the correct position before the match begins. After the whistle, you can change the line-up as you wish.

If you have some players who just don't fit on your team but you don't want to mess up the chemistry, you can use them as super subs. Every substitute gets five chemistries when he comes into play - regardless of position, league or nationality.

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It is also possible to take advantage of green connections and match players from different leagues. Specifically, that means: a green and a red connection are like two orange connections. For example, if you have an RV or LV with only two things in common, it is enough if you have a green connection. Then the second one can also be red and the player still has 10 chemistries because it is exactly as if you had two orange connections.

Bonus chemistry

If you just can't get a player to maximum chemistry, bonus chemistry tricks can help you increase chemistry by two. Players who have played ten or more matches for your team will receive a loyalty bonus that increases their chemistry by +1. You can also get +1 chemistry with the coach bonus if you match your coach's nationality or league with yours Players vote.

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