How did Pink Floyd affect you

Pink Floyd - from underground to cult rock band


"Animals" is another concept album by Pink Floyd from 1977, which is thematically strongly based on George Orwell's Animal Farm and can be understood as a criticism of capitalism. From this album on, the handwriting and vita of Roger Waters can be felt more and more clearly.

Richard Wright came up with the idea for the cover. The four chimneys of the London power station "Battersea Power Station" with the big pig. The ten-meter-tall pig was named "Algie". As a precaution, a sniper was hired for the photo shoot, who should shoot the pig out of the sky in the event that it happened. However, the sniper was not informed that the date for the shoot had to be postponed and "Algie" broke off the rope after just a few minutes. It flew over the skies of London, affecting air traffic and Heathrow Airport even had to be temporarily closed. Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell narrowly escaped arrest, and Pink Floyd couldn't have asked for better advertising for Animals.

The Wall

"The Wall" is the last album recorded together by Pink Floyd and reveals more and more the rifts and rifts within the band. Richard Wright had to leave the band after the recordings were finished.

Like “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “The Wall” was also very successful commercially and is the best-selling double album in music history. The song “Comfortably Numb”, which translates as “pleasantly numb”, tells a key scene from the concept album. The protagonist Pink finally slips from his loneliness into total madness.

The slide into madness is illustrated by the two breathtaking guitar solos by David Gilmour. The second solo is supposedly the fourth best guitar solo ever.

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