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Golf trolley test & comparison 2021: Longridge, Big Max & others

In the first part of our article we will inform you whether there is a Golf trolley test from major consumer magazines out there. In the second part you will find a specially created one Golf trolley comparison. Have fun looking for the best golf trolley!

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Golf trolleys are there to carry players' golf bags, but you probably already know that. Since golf bags contain all of the players' equipment (balls, clubs and more), golf trolleys have to be able to withstand a lot of weight. In addition, you shouldn't have any problems with difficult surfaces.

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Golf trolley test overview

Editor:Golf trolley test available:Year:
Stiftung WarentestNo, no golf trolley test available yet
ECO TESTA golf trolley test is still missing
Konsument.atNo, no golf trolley test available yet
Ktipp.chA golf trolley test is still missing

We are looking for one of the above magazines Golf trolley test searched. If we did not find anything, this was also indicated in the test overview. Unfortunately, since golf trolleys are not classic consumer products, they have not yet been examined.

Unfortunately, products for golfers are not yet in the focus of the relevant consumer magazines. Special magazines for golfers would be another point of contact for further searches for test reports.

Golf trolley comparison: Big Max, Longridge & others

It now begins ours Golf trolley comparison. Publicly available product information from the manufacturer and existing customer ratings were used to assess the products. The most important criteria for our assessment can be found to the right of the product picture. We have not tested the golf trolleys in practice.

In the golf trolley comparison, the wheels and suspension play a particularly important role. Of course, it is also important whether the golf trolley can be reliably controlled. We put a lot of thought into it and also highlighted the expandability. Whether a golf trolley can be folded is particularly important if you want to stow it away to save space after use or if you often have to transport it in the car. These are the models we have shown in the product comparison:

  • Big Max Blade +
  • Big Max IQ
  • Clicgear 3.5 golf trolley
  • Longridge Uni Eze Glide Cruiser
  • Longridge Deluxe golf trolley
  • Caddyone 100

Golf trolley purchase recommendation: Big Max - Blade +

Brand: Big max
colour: White (others available)
Suitable for which bag size: For every
Foldable: Yes
Expandable: Yes, with various brackets (e.g. umbrella bracket)
properties: Improved folding mechanism, super storage net, Quick Attach fastenings, 2 Quick Fix brackets, weight 6.4 kg
In the golf trolley comparison, this model is our buy recommendation. It is a very high quality and stable construction that can also be expanded. In addition, it can be folded up very easily in the smallest of spaces. All sizes of golf bags are compatible with the trolley. The wheels and suspension are very stable and do not cause any problems even on bumpy surfaces. Previous buyers on Amazon give an average of 5 out of 5 stars! Rating: All in one: compact, stable, flexible and expandable! A clear buy recommendation!

Golf trolley price tip: Longridge - Uni Eze Glide Cruiser

brand: Longridgecolour: White (other colors also available)
Suitable for which bag size: For every
Expandable: n / a
properties: 10 inch ball bearing sliding wheels, foot brake, height of the handles adjustable, very easy to fold in two steps
Now we come to our price tip in the golf trolley comparison. We also took a closer look outside of Big Max and Clicgear. Longridge is also a very good manufacturer of golf trolleys, which is represented here twice in the golf trolley comparison. The Longridge Uni Eze Glide Cruizer is in a beautiful white, quickly folded and extremely cheap. The height of the handle is adjustable and there is even an integrated cup holder. The trolley can be pushed very easily thanks to the high-quality ball bearings. Rating: A good trolley in the lower price segment.

Golf trolley comparison: Big Max - IQ

brand: Big Max
colour: Black (also available in white)
Suitable for which bag size: For every (especially heavy)
Foldable: Yes
Expandable: n / a
properties: One Shake folding concept, handbrake, large wheels and rims at the rear, weight 6.5 kg
In the golf trolley comparison, this model is the specialist for heavy bags. This trolley is a slightly modified version of our purchase recommendation. It is not for nothing that both models come from the same manufacturer. Here the construction has been specially designed for heavy bags. This trolley therefore has a different frame and is also folded differently. The wheels here have a different color, but otherwise they do not differ from our purchase recommendation. Rating: Particularly suitable for heavy bags!

Golf trolley comparison: Clicgear - 3.5 golf trolley

brand: Clicgear 3.5
colour: Black red
Suitable for which bag size: For every
Foldable: Yes
Expandable: No
properties: Adjustable rubber belts, large tires, stable frame, wide wheelbase
This trolley can also convince in the golf trolley comparison. The biggest plus point is the extremely small pack size. When folded, this trolley has dimensions of only 56 x 33 x 38 cm. The golf trolley otherwise has quite large wheels and a wide wheelbase of 81 cm. This also makes the trolley suitable for larger bags. Rating: Can be stowed away to save space and has an extremely stable construction. A good alternative to the buy recommendation!

Golf trolley comparison: Longridge - Deluxe golf trolley

brand: Longridge
colour: Black
Suitable for which bag size: For every
Foldable: Yes
Expandable: n / a
properties: 11 inch Trueglide ball bearing wheels, nylon bag holder very durable, height of the handles adjustable, easy to move
Another longridge, another good golf trolley. This model is extremely robust, but it has some flaws, especially in terms of foldability. A cup holder is also integrated here, even with a drinking bottle. The customers give it 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Rating: A very good alternative to our price tip!

Golf trolley comparison: Caddyone - Design Golf 100

brand: Caddyone
colour: White
Suitable for which bag size: For every
Foldable: Yes
Expandable: Yes, lots of accessories included
properties: Including umbrella holder, scorecard holder and transport bag, freely mounted wheels, height-adjustable, with specialist centers in retail, weight 5.8 kg
This golf trolley is convinced by Caddyone in the golf trolley comparison due to the versatile accessories. Umbrella holder, scorcard holder and transport bag are already included in the scope of delivery. Although it is also convincing of the stability, the main advantage is the included accessories. When folded, it measures 81 x 58 x 22 cm. Rating: Anyone who values ​​a wide range of accessories should access this!
Frequently asked questions about golf trolleys:

Buy a used golf trolley?

Of course you can buy a used trolley. Used golf trolleys are usually much cheaper - depending on their condition, of course. You can find used golf trolleys online on Ebay or Amazon, for example. Of course, used trolleys are also often sold in golf forums on the Internet.

Are there electric golf trolleys?

Yes, there are also electric golf trolleys. An example can be found at this link. We only recommend this to people who can't help it - after all, a little training keeps you fit. In the following video you can see an electric golf trolley:

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