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German division

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From 1949 to 1990 there were two German states.
Germany was divided into two parts.
1949 to 1990 was therefore the time of the "German division".

From 1939 to 1945 there was war in Germany and the world: This war was the Second World War.
Germany started the war. The US, UK, France and the Soviet Union won the war.
That is why they are also called victorious powers.

The US, UK, France and the Soviet Union
won the war.
After 1945 the victorious powers divided Germany into four zones of occupation.
Each victorious power controlled a zone.

The USA, France and Great Britain united their zones into one state.
This state was called "Federal Republic of Germany".

The Soviet Union did not want its zone to become part of the state "Federal Republic".
She established her own state in her zone:
This state was called the "German Democratic Republic".

Many people moved from the GDR to the Federal Republic.
They were looking for a better life there than in the GDR.
The rulers of the GDR did not want the people from the GDR to move to the Federal Republic. That's why they built a border from 1961.
There were walls, fences, and barbed wire at the border.
You couldn't cross the border unnoticed without great danger.
The border separated the GDR from the Federal Republic and West Berlin.
A wall through Berlin belonged to the border: the Berlin Wall.

Many people no longer wanted to live in the GDR because there was a lot of surveillance and repression. People started demonstrating peacefully.
Through these demonstrations, the people reached their destination.
The GDR opened its borders on November 9, 1989.
They also say: The wall has fallen.

A year later, the GDR and the Federal Republic reunited into one state.
Since October 3, 1990, all of Germany has been called the Federal Republic of Germany. A holiday commemorates German unity.
October 3rd is the national holiday in Germany.
It is also called: Day of German Unity.
Citizens from the west of Berlin wave to their relatives in East Berlin in September 1961. The border wall and an additional privacy screen make this almost impossible. (& copy picture-alliance / dpa)

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