Works 911 in Canada and Mexico

Telephoning and internet


Please note the general information on making calls and using the Internet abroad.

Call to Germany

If you want to call Germany with your Canadian mobile phone, you must first dial 011 (to call from Canada) and then 49 for Germany and then enter your destination number. All prefix zeros are omitted, as this was already selected with 011.

It is much cheaper if you make calls via Skype, Whatsapp or other apps over the Internet.

Emergency numbers

In an emergency, choose the one911 (corresponds to 110 in Germany).

The 911 is also an emergency call for medical emergencies and the fire brigade.

Attention exceptions:911 is the single emergency number nationwide across Canada, but not in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

Buy prepaid sim cards in Canada

If you only need a SIM card and want to use your own mobile phone with it, you can definitely get starter sets in the network operator's branches. You can also buy prepaid cards at electronics stores like Best Buy, The Source, Vision Electronics, and Staples. 24-hour shops such as 7-Eleven and the Canadian Post also offer prepaid cards. Another alternative are larger supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, which have their own prepaid cards.

These are the largest wireless service providers in the country:

  • Make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked for the use of third-party SIM cards (usually only after 24 months for contracts).
  • In addition, not all foreign cell phones work in North America because different technology is used here.
  • If you have a "quad-band" cell phone (means that the 4 frequency ranges around 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz are supported) this should not be a problem.
  • As a rule, the SIM cards have to be registered before they are used for the first time, which can be done via the Internet or on site in a specialist shop.
  • The phone number is only assigned to the SIM after registration and communicated via SMS.
  • The desired tariff can also be selected during registration; with some providers, the selection of tariffs depends on the end device that is used.

Buy prepaid SIM card in Germany

  • It is also possible to buy a prepaid SIM card for Canada online in advance.
  • When ordering, you specify the period or from when you want to use the SIM.
  • All tariffs are available for telephony and / or flat-rate data for surfing.
  • So that everything works in Canada, you should make sure beforehand that your smartphone does not have a SIM lock and that it is activated for all regions.
  • The card will be sent to you by post.



  • can also be used in the USA and Mexico
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