Which are good spiritual documentaries

10 spiritual lectures and documentaries that you should have seen!

The 10 most important documentaries and lectures that I can recommend

These 10 spiritual lectures and documentaries are available for free on the net. I keep the content for your own further development very important, I could learn a lot from it. The spiritual topics are broad and all have to do with your own life. The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle tells about one's own ego and life in the here and now. The lectures by the likeable Vera F. Birkenbihl revolve around one's own mind and forms of esoteric thinking. The film Global Brain regards the earth as a living organism on which we humans work like the cells in our body.

Other spiritual videos revolve around nutrition and the consciousness associated with it, the Mayan calendar and the illusions of a conventional life. In total, these free videos bring together a few hours of footage. However, I think that every minute is worth it to discover and develop yourself, to lead a happier and more truthful life.

10 spiritual lectures and documentaries

  1. Shift
    The secret of inspiration
  2. Global Brain
    A film lecture about the awareness of our connection to the big picture
  3. The Maya light-time matrix
    Lecture by Martin Strübin about the Mayan calendar and consciousness in 2012
  4. Water and salt
    Lecture by Peter Ferreira on healthy eating and awareness
  5. Viruses of the Mind
    Lecture by Vera F. Birkenbihl about memes and harmful thoughts
  6. Pragmatic esoteric vs exoteric
    Vera F. Birkenbihl compares esoteric and “normal” -thinking people
  7. The second Copernican turn
    In this lecture Robert Stein reveals the deceptions of the current time
  8. The 5 biological laws of nature
    Documentation about an alternative view of diseases (new medicine)
  9. The stupid vegetarian - meat is healthy!
    Documentation about eating meat and the consequences for people and the environment
  10. The green planet - a visit from space
    A feature film about highly developed people visiting planet earth

This content inspired me to give my own lectures, which can be found in the "LebeBlog TV" section. If you know of similar lectures, documentaries or films that have to do with life, write a comment and let us know.

If you're interested in movies with a spiritual background, you can download a movie list for free: Spiritual Movie List.

In my first book I described this topic in more detail. It's great for when you want to dig deeper into this topic.
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Do you know of any other documentaries or lectures on the subject of spirituality that are still missing from the list above? Write a comment below and share your tips with us.

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