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Parasol: test & recommendations (05/21)

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A relaxed afternoon on the terrace, breakfast on the balcony or simply spending a whole day in the garden, particularly tempting in summer. However, you shouldn't expose yourself to the sun all the time, so a parasol comes in very handy. Parasols are now available in many shapes and colors, but reliable UV protection is particularly important. Choose between central-mast umbrellas or traffic light umbrellas, paying attention to weight, diameter, design and handling.

With our large parasol test 2021, we will provide you with all the important information, give you tips and help you with your purchase decision, because you can only make an informed decision with the right background knowledge. Not only the design, but above all the function and the UV filter are important in a good parasol. Whether terrace, balcony or garden there is the right parasol for every taste, find your perfect model with us.

the essentials in brief

  • A parasol not only offers you sun protection and shade on sunny and hot summer days, because it also protects you from the rain and also serves as a privacy screen.
  • Basically, a distinction is made between central mast umbrellas, which are attached to the mast in the middle of the umbrella, and traffic light umbrellas, which have the mast placed on the side. Both types of umbrella are available in numerous sizes and different designs.
  • When buying, it is very important that you choose materials with UV protection so that your skin is protected from the sun's rays. You should also clean and re-impregnate your umbrella from time to time in order to enjoy your umbrella over the long term.

Parasol test: favorites of the editor

The best square parasol

This parasol from the manufacturer “derby” offers you a high-quality, robust parasol in both a classic and stylish square design. It is best suited for the terrace and the garden and offers you with a 140 cm umbrella span enough shade to survive hot and sunny summer days well covered, even for two.

The shade can be bent and is available in two colors: a stylish anthracite and a suitably titled greige (a mixture of gray and beige). It is also UV-resistant and has a sun protection factor of 50+. With this umbrella, the price-performance ratio is right - for comparatively little money you get a top product that will provide you with longed-for cooling off one or the other summer.

The best foldable parasol in a wide range of colors

This umbrella belongs to the category that probably appears to your mind when you hear the term "parasol". It is hexagonal, easy to transport and perfect for providing shade in the garden, on the terrace or on the beach. In addition, it can be bent so that you can flexibly decide where the shadow of the 210 cm wide umbrella should fall.

The umbrella is UV-resistant with a sun protection factor of 50+ and is available in five stylish colors - from classic beige to warm red you will find it here. With this umbrella you can comfortably endure even the hottest and sunniest days outside.

The best central mast umbrella made of wood

The Sekey parasol belongs to the category of central mast parasols and has a pole made of wood. The umbrella itself is made of polyester and has a span of 3 meters. Thanks to the rotation joint, the parasol can be adjusted as required, even if the parasol itself is firmly on the ground.

The shade is available in the colors taupe and cream. The whole umbrella has a total weight of 9.6 kg and a height of 2.50 m.

The best cantilever umbrella

The paramondo parapenda cantilever parasol is a flexible parasol that does not have an annoying mast in the middle and therefore has several advantages over conventional parasols. If you, like many others, want to shade an accessible and larger area, then this product is the right choice for you.

The parasol from paramondo is a typical cantilever parasol with a side stand and consists of a pole, a base and the canopy. The screen area is 4 m long and 3 m wide, so that it can cover a large area with shade. The screen can be swiveled 360 degrees and set in five different inclination positions. So you can flexibly adjust the umbrella when the sun is low so that you can still enjoy enough shade in the late evening hours.

Buying Guide: Questions to Consider Before Buying a Parasol

In this first section we would like to answer a few questions that you may not let go of before you buy a parasol. Among other things, we'll tell you where you can get a parasol and how deep into your wallet.

What weather conditions can the parasol be exposed to?

Under certain conditions, sunshades can be exposed not only to normal but also to harsh weather conditions.

Parasols are most vulnerable to the wind. Above all, larger models threaten stability problems in higher winds.

The struts can break and become dangerous very quickly, because a parasol that is knocked over by the wind and swirling around can cause serious injuries with its pointed mast and struts.

The modern and popular cantilever parasol in particular has an increased risk of stability in stronger winds, as its angle of inclination offers much more surface to attack.

You can avoid the wind problem by attaching your parasol using a so-called parasol stand or base, or by anchoring it entirely to the ground. In the catering sector, the umbrellas can withstand winds of five to six.

For example, there are straps that you can use to lash your parasol when it is not spread out.

The other component of the weather is rain. When buying, you should pay attention to which fabric you choose. You can then protect your parasol with a cover when it is not in use, because you should never expose your parasol to the rain for a long period of time. If you are looking for a more weatherproof alternative, you should use a sun sail.

Did you know that the parasol is older than the umbrella?

The first evidence of the parasol comes from ancient times in Egypt, Persia and China. At that time it served as a status symbol. In India, the parasol was one of the royal insignia alongside the crown and throne.

When it is damp, the fabric starts to go moldy and any fabric stains that may have formed not only look unsightly, but can no longer be removed.

Which material is best for a parasol?

Of course, there are also material differences in the fabrics for the sun canopy. Materials such as polyester or cotton are often used here, but acrylic and mixed fabrics are also used. One subdivides into lower and higher substance classes.