What is rejection sensitive dysphoria

What is the relationship between rejection sensitive dysphoria and ADHD?

Upon closer inspection, it appears that rejection-sensitive dysphoria is a term used by Dr. William Dodson was coined to describe the phenomenon of rejection sensitivity in ADHD patients. It doesn't seem like a "valid" term as there is no DSM definition. In fact, Dodson himself seems to be the only one to have used the term. Dodson specializes in ADHD in adults. Hence, it makes sense that the only articles associated with the term refer to ADHD.

Regarding the phenomenon of rejection sensitivity itself, the definition of dysphoria should be noted as follows: "A state of discomfort or unhappiness; a feeling of emotional and mental discomfort as a symptom of dissatisfaction, restlessness, dissatisfaction, malaise, depression, anxiety or indifference."

In a broader sense, these are problems related to chemical imbalances - as well as ADHD. You could even describe ADHD as your own dysphoria. In addition to ADHD, other conditions are common, particularly anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bipolar disorder. This, along with the fact that children with ADHD are often socially isolated, may be responsible for a higher prevalence of rejection sensitivity in those with the disorder.

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Dodson may not have coined the term RSD, but he may have been the first to use it on ADHD. It was used in relation to cross-border commuters: 12345

Jack Bauer

Sydney Maples, thank you, but I don't think Dodson coined the term. I'll edit some links that I found.

Jack Bauer

Hello Sydney Maples. I edited the post to include some links. How exactly does social isolation lead to rejection sensitivity?

Sydney Maples

@JackBauer, as far as I know, Dodson used a relatively unknown (and unverified) one-source term and applied it to ADHD. Since the term was relatively unknown before (note that the links you referred all point to an author - the same author Dodson presumably took the term from), it makes sense to revive it in the context of ADHD Reason why when you search for the term online it is almost always associated with ADHD.

Sydney Maples

@JackBauer Since 1996, the definition of rejection sensitivity has been the "tendency to fearfully expect social rejection, easily perceive and overreact". The idea here is that expecting rejection seems to fuel rejection sensitivity. Of course, the expectation would be higher among socially isolated people. This is something you can read more about online (to prevent this chain of comments from getting too long). I would suggest looking at Karen Horney's research or modern research on how bullying or social isolation affect ADHD patients.

Jack Bauer

Okay then thanks @SydneyMaples