What kind of animation should I create

Animated PowerPoint presentations make stories tangible - examples and tips

One completely animated PowerPoint presentation takes your content to the next level. Animation makes it possible to tell your story to the point and to give arguments a concise weighting. Stories are the best way to convey content. But these only come to life through animation. This is how products and companies can be described more beautifully in all their facets. Discover the potential of Microsoft PowerPoint that lies in the variety of design options. With imagination and craft, every presenter becomes a storyteller.

Professionally animated presentations put your story in the spotlight

Animated presentations have a positive impact on your audience. The viewer receives information that is entertaining and at the same time emotionally colored. Emotional information is what burns itself into the mind. Therefore, do not forego emotional triggers in your presentations. Animations in PowerPoint can be used, for example, to create intros for your YouTube videos, social media ads or header animations for your own website. If you want to make editable and recyclable animation fast, it's in PowerPoint.

In this article you will learn how the principle of animation works in PowerPoint.