How do I increase my charisma

Charisma: charisma can be learned


Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana had it. George Clooney also has it: that certain something - that special charisma that fascinates us and casts us under its spell: charisma. We give charismatic people our full attention without knowing why. We listen eagerly to their words and feel connected to them. What is charisma? Why aren't we all perceived as charismatic?

First of all, we need to know that charisma does not mean “who we are” but rather “how others see us”. And that doesn't just depend on looks. A special appearance and how it is perceived by others begins with our thoughts. What we think about ourselves and our environment is reflected in the choice of words, voice and, above all, body language. This, in turn, has an impact on how we are perceived by others:

Am I often approached by strangers or is it me who approaches people? Do I seem trustworthy? Some people seem to be born with a great charisma. They appear charismatic and are more successful professionally and privately than others without charisma. In fact, we can work on our charisma.

The following tips will show you how to achieve more charisma:

1. Be confident.

People with charisma have a strong sense of self and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They are not afraid to "offend" from time to time.

Tip: Realize what your strengths are. What you like about yourself. Ask your friends and acquaintances about your effect. What they appreciate about you. With each realization you will gain self-confidence. Concentrate on your talents and develop them instead of focusing on your weaknesses. Overcome your shyness by z. B. ask a stranger for directions. Avoid filler words like "actually" and make clear statements. Rhetoric seminars specifically train linguistic expressiveness. Pay attention to your body language: stand up straight, keep your eyes on the person opposite, do not cross your arms in front of your chest. Exercise strengthens your muscles and improves your posture.

2. Love yourself.

Accepting yourself and others forms the basis for a positive charisma.

Tip: Meet life with a smile and it will smile back. Try it! In the morning, give yourself a smile in the bathroom mirror instead of critical looks. During the day, try to consciously replace negative thoughts with positive ones. This can be a bit strange at first. If something goes wrong, try to identify the positive and the opportunity of the situation.

3. Signal interest.

Anyone who is interested in others, asks questions, also appears interesting to others. Interest also means adapting to different situations and people and behaving appropriately.

Tip: Be curious about people or situations and let yourself be surprised what you will discover. Try to be empathetic and get involved with your counterpart. It is important to find common topics with the person you are talking to, to inspire them, to withdraw from time to time or to listen sensitively - just as the respective situation requires. It has to be authentic, otherwise it looks artificial and leaves your conversation partner unimpressed.

4. Follow the inner path of life.

We often allow ourselves to be influenced by others.

Tip: What do you really wish for? What gives you strength? Listen to yourself and trust your gut feeling. Plan the trip to Costa Rica, attend the photography course. Whatever it is, find out and do it. It helps to visualize wishes, to imagine "how it would be if". The thought is "sown" and can now continue to flourish - according to the principle of self-fulfilling prophecy.

5.To keep moving.

Self-confident people are open to new things.

Tip: Surely you know situations that you would like to avoid better, such as B. to have a clarifying conversation. Take advantage of such unpleasant occasions to leave your "comfort zone" once a day, i.e. the safety area in which you feel comfortable and do not have to exert yourself. You will feel a little uncomfortable about it, but the "small risks" make life more exciting and increase your charisma.

6. Get expression.

Charismatics infect others with their passion.
You have strong emotions of your own and can empathize with the feelings of others.

Tip: What do you want to convey? Find the right words, gestures, and intonations beforehand. Are you inconspicuous? Show yourself, but stay authentic. This also applies to your clothing style. The more clearly you present yourself to your surroundings, the more lively and courageous you appear to others.

7. Take responsibility.

The outside cannot be changed, but the personal attitude can.

Tip: If you are dissatisfied with a situation, consider what part you have in it and how you can change your perspective.

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