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    New RWSC II rainwater harvesting system

    The new AFRISO rainwater system center RWSC II is a consistent further development of the RWSC rainwater control, which appeared on the market for the first time in 2005 and impressed with its robustness and high performance. The latest model variant now has a servo-controlled diaphragm valve with vertical linear guidance, which guarantees more reliability, functional safety and a long service life. RWSC II is used in conjunction with concrete or plastic rainwater storage tanks or with

    water storage tank converted heating oil tanks can be used as a fully automatic rainwater utilization system. It primarily uses rainwater for flushing toilets, washing machines and watering the garden. However, if there is not enough rainwater available, the probe-controlled switch to drinking water replenishment. RWSC II is a robust control unit in which all components such as three-way valve, pump, pressure switch, processor unit and displays are clearly arranged on the refill tank. The new center is available either with a centrifugal pump for distances of up to 15m to the rainwater tank or with a jet pump from 15-40m to the

    Tank. Installation is quick and commissioning is easy.

    AFRISO-EURO-INDEX GmbHLindenstrae 20, 74363 GglingenTel .: (07 135) 10 [email protected],

    Increased flexibility with communication via a safe fieldbus

    Danfoss already offers integrated safety functions in its modular VLT AutomationDrive frequency converters. In the future, the VLT AutomationDrive can also be expanded with the MCB 152 PROFIsafe option. It is used to support the PROFIsafe functionality in order to activate the integrated safety functions of the AutomationDrive via any PROFIsafe host. In addition to the integrated safety functions, the PROFIsafe safety fieldbus is a

    Suitable choice for particularly flexible machines with a modular and variable number of security areas in all production lines. The central and de-

    central frequency converters are located in different machine cells and can be easily connected to the safety fieldbus so that the safe stop can be activated independently of the danger point. The combination of the PROFI-NET MCA 120 fieldbus option, the control card and the MCB 152 safety option forms the PROFIsafe device (fail-safe device).

    Danfoss VLT Antriebstechnik Astrid Berger, Danfoss-Strae 8A-2353 Guntramsdorf, Austria Tel: +43 (0) 22 36 50 40 [email protected]

    New manual for the mini-laboratory in a case

    For decades, the Zinsser laboratory in a suitcase has been an important part of chemistry lessons in schools and universities, as the innovative set of glass equipment gives the user a multitude of new opportunities for presentation and research. While in modern chemical and pharmaceutical research research and work is carried out with the smallest possible sample and reagent volumes of just a few L and mL, experimentation at schools and universities often takes place in frontal teaching with classic

    between quantities up to a few 100mL. Now there is a new manual for the mini-laboratory. More than 40 experiments have been prepared didactically and are explained in an easy-to-understand manner using simple drawings. General instructions for carrying out the individual experiments, material information, including the danger symbols for the reagents, are also included in the experiment descriptions . The experimental results to be expected are described in detail and are e.g. T documented with color photos or graphics. Detailed explanations of the hazard and safety instructions are listed in the appendix.

    Zinsser Analytic GmbH Anja Estler, Eschborner Landstrae 13560489 Frankfurt Tel .: (069) 78 91 40 [email protected]

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  • New sterile connectors for biopharmaceutical production

    Pall Life Sciences is expanding its sterile connector portfolio. With the introduction of the new Kleenpak II sterile connectors, easy-to-use and robust single-use connectors are now also available for the sterile transfer of large fluid volumes in upstream and downstream processing. Kleenpak II sterile connectors are available as 34-inch and 1-inch versions with a hose connection and as a 1.5-inch version with a TC connection

    available. They make it possible to establish permanent and safe sterile connections within large single-use and hybrid systems (100L) even in an uncontrolled environment. The sterile connectors are made of polysulfone. They show a high level of compatibility

    with a wide range of fluids and can optionally be sterilized by auto-piano or gamma irradiation. The intuitive handling in four simple steps does not require any additional tools, so that the new connectors can be used quickly and easily in any environment.

    Pall Life Sciences Dr. Dirk SieversPhilipp-Reis-Strae 6, 63303 DreieichTel .: (06 103) 30 75 [email protected]

    Granulation with the new WP 200Pharma roller press

    The Alexanderwerk Group, specialist in the development and manufacture of machines for process engineering, is presenting the WP200Pharma roller press for compacting and granulating in the pharmaceutical, chemical and raw materials industries at POWTECH 2014. The WP200Pharma was designed for the production of frequently changing, special products and small batches as well as for the compaction and granulation of monoproducts

    Developed in continuous operation. A throughput of up to 400 kgh1 enables the roller press to be used in the pilot plant as well as in production. In addition, the roller press is equipped with the patented diagonal design as standard, with which an increased throughput of up to 100% compared to the conventional U design can be achieved. Thanks to the on-the-fly storage, the process technology of the WP200Pharma can be completely dismantled without special tools and ensures high-quality through the resulting quick change and cleaning of all work tools

    and flexible production. The integration of the control unit in an external control cabinet (through-the-wall design) also ensures a compact design.

    POWTECH 2014, Hall 1, Stand 1-448

    Alexanderwerk Group Anja Eichler, Kippdorfstrae 6 2442857 Remscheid Tel .: (02 191) 79 52 [email protected]

    Cooperation between the engineering service providers is planned by Ingund Rsberg

    PlantIng GmbH, one of the largest independent engineering service providers in the field of plant planning in Germany, and Rsberg Engineering, an experienced service provider in the field of process automation and IT solutions, cooperate. The declared aim of the two companies is to offer the customer an overall planning from a single source that spans all trades and covers all project phases and, in the interests of the customer, above all to use synergy effects in the areas of process automation and process engineering. The interface coordination by just one contact person ensures a

    Effective project handling during the entire project duration. RSberg Engineering offers tailor-made automation solutions. In addition to the complete E&I engineering, the company's competencies are primarily in the areas

    plantIng GmbHMartina GebhardtSteinmllerallee 2, 51643 GummersbachTel .: (02 261) 50 [email protected]

    functional safety, system integration and vertical integration. DieplantIng GmbH supports the process industry with expertise in process engineering, machine and apparatus technology as well as layout and pipeline technology.

    Rsberg Engineering GmbHEvelyn LandgrafIndustriestrae 9, 76189 KarlsruheTel .: (07 21) 95 01 [email protected]

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  • New logistics center in India

    The Munich chemical group WACKER has opened a new logistics center at the Indian production site in Amtata near Calcutta. The high-bay warehouse with 5,000 pallet spaces is being operated by Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (WMC), a joint venture between WACKER and Calcutta-based Metroark Ltd. Pvt., Operated. The building complements WMC's existing logistics network. The company already has warehouses in the metropolises of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Calcutta. Through the

    Investment, there is now more floor space available and orders can be processed more quickly and flexibly and delivery times can be significantly reduced. The punctuality and traceability of deliveries, and last but not least, cost management, are also improved in this way. The around 5,000 pallet spaces are distributed over ten levels and are stocked using automatic storage and retrieval devices. The SAP-supported warehouse management system ensures an improved overview of inventory and space occupancy. Storage and retrieval processes are monitored by means of a scanner. A computer interface on the storage and retrieval machine ensures that all warehouse data is available in real time.

    Wacker Chemie AGFlorian DegenhartHanns-Seidel-Platz 481737 MunichTel .: (089) 62 79 16 [email protected]

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