What is a flip-up helmet

Flip-up helmet or full-face helmet: how should you decide?

What do you look for in a motorcycle helmet? For many motorcyclists, a number of factors come into play: What type of helmet is the most beautiful? Which one offers the best protection? Which is more comfortable to wear?

Below are the pros and cons of choosing THE helmet that works best for you.



The main purpose of a helmet is to protect your head in the event of an accident. Flip-up helmets and full-face helmets are made with the same materials. So why are full-face helmets considered safer?

First of all, you should know that the full face helmets are made from a single piece. This means there are no moving parts to break. In addition, the full-face helmets cover the jaw and chin and completely envelop the driver's head. As a result, they offer maximum protection.



Let's use a flip-up helmet - like the GT Air Royality TC-5 - for comparison. This helmet was designed so that it can be opened. First of all, it is important to underline that these helmets are not suitable for riding in the unfolded position. The hinge mechanism creates a weak point that can break in the event of an impact. In addition, if you forget to close your helmet completely, it can come off in the event of an accident.

Obviously, if your safety is more of a concern then you should opt for a full-face helmet.


Comfort is another essential criterion when choosing. Wearing an uncomfortable helmet is a pain. It can pinch, which in turn can lead to a headache. A poorly fitting and uncomfortable helmet also reduces safety as the helmet is not necessarily worn correctly. How do the flip-up and full-face helmets compare in this regard?

One of the main drawbacks of the full-face helmet is its clumsiness. You also have to take it off completely to get some fresh air or to talk.

Full-face helmets, on the other hand, have made many strides in improving their levels of comfort. Modern helmets, such as the GT Air Royality TC-5, have ventilation openings to allow fresh air to circulate in the helmet.

To top it all off, numerous full-face helmets are equipped with removable linings and pads for the cheeks. The helmets are made of lighter materials so as not to put undue strain on the head and neck.

But even if comfort is the key criterion, flip-up helmets are still the better option. Because in addition to all the modern comfort features of full-face helmets, flip-up helmets with their folding and locking device have a comparably higher level of comfort.

If fresh air is particularly important to you at a red light or if you are driving in a group and you want to chat quickly and effortlessly during a short stop, the flip-up helmet will be the best choice for you.


Even if safety and comfort are paramount, looks are not insignificant either. This is a strictly personal aspect. Thanks to the variety of colors and designs, you have the opportunity to find your favorite helmet.

Full-face helmets have an imposing appearance that is emphasized by their simple design. Once again, the GT Air Royality TC-5 from Shoei appears solid and robust.

Flip-up helmets, on the other hand, are characterized by a more futuristic appearance. This is due to the moving elements and more rounded shapes, like the Roof Boxxer.


Flip-up and full-face helmets are offered in a whole range of colors and designs. It's just a matter of taste. A recent study shows that the risk of accidents is lower when the helmet is light in color.

The final decision

When choosing between the flip-up helmet and the full-face helmet, it is important that you decide on your desired level of safety and comfort.

Thanks to its basic construction, a full-face helmet offers a higher level of protection.

Flip-up helmets, on the other hand, offer more comfort and freedom.

A good compromise

If, despite the differences described between these two models, you still cannot decide, the LS2 FF399 Valiant helmet is a good compromise. The helmet is approved as a full-face helmet as well as a flip-up helmet and combines the advantages of both. In our opinion, this is the best compromise between the two types.