Can we see the parallel universe

Is that still science?

All models and scenarios for parallel worlds and multiverses have one problem in common: They are pure theory. They cannot be checked - at least with today's means. Because, by definition, we cannot look beyond our own universe and thus the existence of other universes cannot be proven either.

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According to some critics, a proof of parallel universes will never be the case for precisely this reason built into the models. With that, however, the theories of parallel worlds are no real science, but nothing more than an idea, a pure structure of thought. Because what you cannot even partially prove remains, in their opinion, pure speculation.

"How can it happen that people are paid to talk about things that can never be measured and are probably not true?" Comments US physicist Robert B. Laughlin, for example. He fundamentally rejects speculative theories because, in his opinion, they are not based on measurable facts.

... or is it just a matter of time?

Others do not see this as extreme: The British physicist Paul Davies, known among other things for his popular science books, considers even unprovable theories to be entirely justified and possibly even correct. "A direct confirmation of the multiverse hypotheses may not be possible, but that does not rule out that they can perhaps be tested indirectly after all," he states. Because the theories from which these models are derived are thoroughly checked or verifiable. It is therefore entirely permissible to postulate unobservable phenomena on this basis.

The string physicist and author Brian Greene sees it similarly - and believes it is not impossible that one day we will find evidence for parallel universes after all: “Whether it will take years, decades or even longer for new observations and theoretical advances to become more detailed No one knows how to make predictions about a specific multiverse, ”he writes in his book“ The Hidden Reality ”. In his opinion, however, it is not impossible.

Nadja Podbregar
Status: 07/11/2014

November 7, 2014