What is a personal website

What can I use the personal homepage for?

This page can be reached at:

General information

The personal homepage is only intended for small websites of students and employees of the BOKU. The storage space is also limited accordingly.

Simple static HTML files and images can also be used. It is not possible to use dynamic elements such as CGI or PHP.

In addition to business content, private information (family, hobbies, etc.) is of course also allowed. However, the personal web area is not intended for commercial content.

Please note, however, that official information from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences should not be published on the homepage server, but only on the central BOKUweb servers or as a dynamic website.

Data exchange via personal homepage

As already mentioned, it is also possible to use the personal web area for short-term data exchange.

This is how data exchange works via your personal homepage

  • Put the file or files in a separate folder on your personal homepage area. To do this, choose a name that is not easy to guess.

  • Send the URL to the file or folder via email.
  • Now all recipients of the e-mail can click on the link and view the files immediately and download them if necessary.

This procedure is just as convenient as sending via mail attachments, but it loads the mail server considerably less and thus results in faster and more efficient transmission of the mail. The mailbox also does not fill up as quickly as the attachments are not saved in the mailbox.

From a file size of approx. 7MB (corresponds to approx. 10MB mail size) you can assume that the mail server will be heavily loaded. The difference arises from the fact that files within e-mails are converted in a ratio of 8: 6 from binary bytes (8 bits) to ASCII codes (6 bits).

We have summarized further options on the following service page: