What suddenly makes someone unattractive

Downdating: Wait, because time makes you beautiful

When friends become lovers, one of them is often uglier

The result confirmed what the survey among the students had suggested: Couples who started their relationship immediately after getting to know each other tended to be equally attractive. But if they had known each other for a long time or were even friends before they became lovers, one of the two was more often less attractive than the other.

In other words, the Seth Rogens had won in the long run. They had got someone out of their league. And another piece of good news: The phenomenon is becoming more and more common. A Kinsey Institute survey of American singles shows that 33 percent of men and 43 percent of women surveyed have fallen in love with someone they didn't initially find attractive.

The editors of the survey call the phenomenon "slow love" and say it is on the rise. Why? Because young people get married later and later. And because, as we have just learned, time is the friend of the less attractive. What happened in the students' classroom in Austin is currently happening to a whole generation: The less attractive get more opportunities to be perceived as more beautiful.

The question that remains is what the unattractive can do to suddenly get hot. Those who said in the survey that they have already experienced “slow love” revealed it: “Great conversations”, “common interests” and a good “sense of humor” made them rethink.

So the bottom line: Hurray! Because the study also defuses a widespread prejudice of our time - the alleged superficialization of love by Tinder. Swiping left-right because of the appearance may be a superficial way to initiate love. But it's just: the beginning.

Anyone who first meets for a coffee with someone who is significantly more attractive can easily become their partner. He just needs patience (and, of course: good humor and exciting interests). Those who are attractive at first sight have a harder time. All you can really do is lose.

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