How can the average citizen take better photos

Are the others always photogenic? Not for long!

Almost every average person finds himself badly taken in photos and says that he looks older, more tired and less attractive than he actually is in the snapshots - which is often true.

In such a case, self-confident people blame the cameraman or the unfavorable lighting conditions, while realists look for the reason for the bad result in themselves and claim that they are simply not photogenic.

But this statement cannot be left as it is, because there is no such thing as “non-photogenic” - there is only the inability to present oneself in an advantageous manner.

Here are a few good tips and tricks that will help convince even the most critical lens that there is a real beauty in front of the camera.

Trick # 1: smile genuinely and look relaxed

Showing your teeth is not enough! Raising the corners of the mouth is also not enough to look pretty in photos and to appear likeable - only a real smile is a good smile, everything else quickly freezes the face into a mask.
So if you can prepare for the snap, try to cheer yourself up with happy thoughts. You can also remember a joke that makes you laugh again and again, so that you actually radiate with joy as soon as the trigger is pressed.

A few secret model tips for face photography:

  1. Lift your head slightly, push your chin slightly forward and breathe through your mouth - this ensures a relaxed look.
  2. Never look directly into the lens, only three-quarters at a time.
  3. No duckface, no tongue showing ... no grimaces at all - unless that is exactly what is planned and wanted.
  4. Large pupils look better in photos than the heads of a pin: close your eyes briefly before releasing the button, then the pupils are automatically dilated when opening.

Trick No. 2: The perfect camera make-up

Yes, there is make-up that makes the face look better in photos! It is important that the complexion looks even, because flash light in particular mercilessly illuminates every "crater" and really brings out pimples. A good foundation is therefore vital! And dark circles can be made to disappear with concealer.

More make-up tips for becoming a model:

  1. Don't use too much makeup because that creates a mask instead of a personable face.
  2. Powder off carefully, if possible shortly before the shoot, so that you don't shine like a bacon rind in the picture.
  3. The lips can be made up a little darker in the middle - that looks great on photos.

Trick # 3: The right clothes

Posing in front of the camera with summer clothes is easy, as you move more loosely in them. But you can also present yourself with a jacket, fleece pants & Co. if a photo session is on the agenda. The only important thing is that you feel comfortable in the outfit you are wearing and not “disguised” yourself for the lens.
The general rule is: Horizontal stripes and wild patterns are to be avoided, because they make a picture "restless", as well as the colors white, black and red, as these form too strong contrasts or red is not optimally captured by digital cameras in particular. Brown tones and green, on the other hand, flatter the complexion and figure.

Trick No. 4: Show the chocolate side

If you don't know your own good side - and every person has a “better half” - you should find out about them before the photo shoot. If a look in the mirror is not informative enough for you, you can ask a person you trust or snap a few selfies looking to the right and then to the left.
As soon as the professional camera is pointed at you or friends take a few snapshots for the family album, you simply push the chocolate side in front of the lens. In this way you always present the best sight that you have to offer.

Trick No. 5: Have limited confidence in the photographer

Actually, you should think that a photographer knows what he's doing. But that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. A few good tips never hurt, maybe the "professional" is even grateful for it.

  1. The best light for great pictures is indirect - this means that the light source must not hit the lens from the front, but comes from behind or at an angle from the side.
  2. If you take photos in bright sunshine, you should use a flash, as this hides shadows, especially those under the eyes.
  3. You should never let the photographer get too close to you when taking pictures, otherwise the pictures could easily fail - the master can always zoom in if the distance is too great for him.

The best poses in front of the camera. (Image: Oleg Gekman /

The best poses in front of the camera

In stand:

Never put it frontally in the picture, always only three-quarters of the way. Shift a little more weight onto one leg, which gives a slimmer silhouette, and push the other forward until a triangle is formed. Push your shoulders back a little, but don't pull them up completely! Let your arms hang loosely and pull in your stomach. High shoes stretch and automatically help you maintain a more upright posture. Bow or knock knees should never be picked up from the front, but should be turned slightly to the side. Elbows angled slightly back make arms appear slimmer.

While sitting:

A sitting pose looks particularly natural and relaxed if you can lean against it, for example against the wall or the arm of a sofa. When stretching your legs out, you shouldn't push your knees too hard. If the upper body is bent forward, make sure that the stomach does not swell over the waistband. And no skipping actions if you are surprised by the photographer, such as the embarrassed grip on your hair.


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