What's on Hillary Clinton's tax returns

US election campaignClinton publishes tax return

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill are rich - that has been known for a long time and has now been officially confirmed again. Because Hillary Clinton has published her joint tax return: The Clintons earned $ 10.7 million together last year. Most of it with paid speeches, for which he got $ 5.3 million and she got $ 1.5 million. She also received a $ 3 million fee for a book. The Clintons paid 34.2 percent in taxes and donated a good million dollars to the Clinton Family Foundation.

And that's all very interesting, but actually irrelevant in the election campaign. It is important that Hillary Clinton can now, after the publication of her own documents, put even more pressure on Donald Trump to finally disclose his tax return and thus his finances. After all, that's what every presidential candidate in the last few decades has done, she says - but Trump doesn't. He has been saying for months that he was being checked by the tax authorities and unfortunately could not disclose his information. As soon as the tax audit is over, he will publish his tax return, says Trump.

Trump camp is unmoved

The only problem is: The tax authority IRS says that he can do that now too, there is nothing against it. Not doing it gives Clinton a chance to put pressure on him. She ran a new commercial asking if Trump might not be as rich as he says, donate as much as he says, or have business relationships with unsuitable partners. And in which prominent Republicans in particular urge Trump to submit the documents: Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnel - the majority leader in the Senate - and Ted Cruz. And the Clinton team even found an old statement by Trump himself in which he says: "If you don't see the tax return, you ask yourself what's wrong?"

The Trump camp, however, is unmoved. Trump maintains that he will not publish the documents while he is being reviewed. And his spokesman said in a statement: "Hillary Clinton released the only files today that nobody wants to see. The public wants to see the 33,000 emails that they deleted to obstruct an FBI investigation."