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How to write a job description for a community manager

Community manager duties

Community managers are moderators for their companies and organizations. They control both the communication between the company and the users as well as the communication between the users. However, community managers have other important roles:

  • Development of concepts for building and expanding a community
  • Promotion of the exchange between users and the company
  • Moderation of online communication and forum administration
  • Channeling the feedback for the company
  • Organization and moderation of community events such as chat sessions, etc.
  • Cooperation with customer service and sales / logistics
  • Management of criticism and crisis management in problematic situations
  • Creation of statistics and reports about the community


Community manager skills and qualifications

Community managers are even-tempered and easy-going people because they come into contact with many other people during their day-to-day work. They have in-depth specialist knowledge of the community and their company in order to be able to communicate with everyone on an equal footing and to be respected. The top skills of community managers also include:

  • Detailed knowledge of all online networks and their applications
  • Knowledge of content creation
  • Excellent IT knowledge of online browsers, CMS, forum software and Microsoft Office
  • High online affinity and versatility with all technical devices
  • Balance, empathy and a talent for moderation
  • Structured and detailed way of working
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Impeccable knowledge of the German language


Community manager experience

A good community manager usually has three to five years of experience in community management or a similar role, such as social media management. Suitable applicants have already gained experience in developing and executing community marketing strategies. They are also familiar with the enforcement of community guidelines and can deal with conflicts and manage crises. Furthermore, in-depth knowledge of the company and the community is useful in order to be accepted by the members of the community. This is especially true for companies in a special interest area.


Education and training of community managers

Suitable community managers can have had very different training courses. Most of the time, however, successful community managers have graduated in a communication science. So you can consider candidates with at least a bachelor's degree in communication studies, journalism, PR or marketing communication for the position. There is also commercial training to become a media specialist, which can qualify you for the profession. Lateral entrants may also be suitable for the job if they are already familiar with the community and the products and have already qualified in other activities.


Salary expectations of community managers

According to Indeed's salary comparison, community managers in Germany earn an average of € 2,768 a month. However, the salary of community managers can vary based on region, education, and work experience.


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