How do i love an aquarius

Love horoscope for Aquarius


He loves everything bizarre, is enthusiastic about everything unusual. It never gets boring and monotonous at his side - he needs variety like the air to breathe.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac; like Gemini and Libra, it belongs to the air signs. There is always a rebel in an Aquarius, a revolutionary who loves little more than his freedom. This is due to its symbol ruler Uranus, who stands for independence and surprises. Which zodiac signs fit this free spirit, does he even get involved in a permanent partnership? The Aquarius love horoscope knows more!



Aquarius and love


It doesn't get boring at the side of an Aquarius. He is bursting with original ideas, is always in company and loves to make new contacts. It is not difficult to start a conversation with an Aquarius, because he likes to flirt and a lot - provided everything stays nice and non-binding for the time being.

And so the Aquarius love horoscope points to a lot of unrest. He usually has many partners and even more lovers until he is actually committed. Unconventional relationship models are also not uncommon.

The circle of acquaintances of an Aquarius is huge - and accordingly it is difficult to attract their attention. Especially because he quickly turns to someone else when he feels that he knows enough about the other person. So it is good not to trust him too much straight away and to remain a bit mysterious. Then his interest is all the greater!



The zodiac sign Aquarius as a partner


If you have the zodiac sign Aquarius as your partner, you have to keep him on a long leash. This free spirit cannot be chained, it simply needs its personal space.

There must be variety in an Aquarius love affair. As soon as boredom, monotony or speechlessness sets in, it is gone. Speaking of which: As open-minded and curious as he is in an erotic sense, in a partnership camaraderie and intellectual approach are more important to him than hot passion.

Aquarius is always good for a surprise - and that is exactly what they want from their partner. So you can and should always come up with something that brings a breath of fresh air to everyday relationships.



Partner horoscope: With whom does the zodiac sign Aquarius harmonize in the relationship

  • Aries and Aquarius: When the fiery Aries and the lively Aquarius meet, zest for life is capitalized. The partner horoscope promises a lot of pleasure and a lot of fun. Perfect match!
  • Taurus and Aquarius: The solid Taurus wishes for a quiet life in the little house on the outskirts of the city, but for the unconventional Aquarius exactly this is a real horror. It may work in the short term, but not in the long term.
  • Gemini and Aquarius: If a lively twin enters into a love relationship with an Aquarius, a happy and carefree togetherness is guaranteed. Both come up with a lot to inspire each other.
  • Cancer and Aquarius: The reserved nature of Cancer fascinates Aquarius - at first. However, the Aquarius love horoscope shows that interest quickly wanes, because Cancer is ultimately simply too calm for him.
  • Leo and Aquarius: Leo wants to be courted, pampered and admired - and Aquarius is simply not the right person for all of that. Differences of opinion, arguments and discussions are probably the order of the day here.
  • Virgo and Aquarius: Aquarius does not place any value on maintaining etiquette, which is so important to Virgo. On the contrary: he strictly rejects everything traditional and conventional. There is no middle ground here ...
  • Libra and Aquarius: A Libra and Aquarius zodiac sign as a partner? A perfect couple! Elegance meets exoticism, style and creativity. The relationship between the two is colorful, exciting and varied.
  • Scorpio and Aquarius: Aquarius is particularly fascinated by the mysterious nature of the scorpion. But the Scorpio is a jealous contemporary who has a problem with the large circle of acquaintances of Aquarius.
  • Sagittarius and Aquarius: The partner horoscope of Sagittarius and Aquarius fits perfectly! When two such adventurers, such free spirits, team up, they cross all borders - together they conquer the world!
  • Capricorn and Aquarius: Capricorn and Aquarius are like fire and water - they do not get along. While one pursues his career, the other fights for his ideals. Conservative meets liberal - that doesn't work well in the long run.
  • Aquarius and Aquarius: The love horoscope for Aquarius confirms it: like and like people like to join. In this partnership there is the ideal mixture of closeness and freedom - they feel very comfortable together.
  • Pisces and Aquarius: The imaginative Pisces and the cheerful Aquarius are a happy couple - even more so, soul mates. One compliments the other perfectly, they are like yin and yang.


Love relationship with an Aquarius - that's how it works


When the independence-loving Aquarius enters into a relationship - and so sacrifices a piece of their freedom - their affection must be immeasurable. But how do you go about turning the spark of flirtation into a constant love fire?


This is how the Aquarian man can be conquered

He prefers to live and love in an unusual way. Are you still thinking about what to wear to the date? Your outfit should definitely be flashy, colorful and unusual. And your appointments shouldn't be any less extraordinary. Book a life drawing course for both of you, surprise him with a parachute jump - to conquer an Aquarius man, it has to be special.

An extra tip: Find out what new technology is available before you meet. If you have any idea about smartphones, computers or other technical devices, he is hanging on your lips ...


This is how the Aquarius woman can be conquered

The Aquarius woman is looking for a bird of paradise. So show her that you have something exotic to offer! Take her to a restaurant with South Sea flair or go salsa dancing with her. Are you one of those daring and courageous men? Then you should give her tickets for the erotic fair. There is a lot of new to discover there that will quickly change your mind ...

It is very important, however, that no matter how well you arrive on the first date, don't rest on your laurels. To really conquer an Aquarius woman, you have to show her that you can always think of something new to surprise her ...


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