How busy is Blackpink

Blackpink and Gomez song splits fan camp

The new collaboration between the internationally most successful K-Pop girl band Blackpink and US singer Selena Gomez has been eagerly awaited by fans. Now the song including the music video is finally here. Why «Ice Cream» doesn't quite live up to the hype, why Blackpink and BTS fans are now having trouble and four more facts you can find out here.

Now Justin Bieber strikes back

They couldn't turn together

After a few seconds it is noticeable: The four K-Pop stars Lisa (23), Jennie (24), Rosé (23) and Jisoo (25) are never in the picture with US singer Selena Gomez (28). Contrary to what was planned, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, she was unable to travel to South Korea to shoot the “Ice Cream” video there with Blackpink. Instead, she filmed her clips separately in the States. It's a shame - fans would have loved to see Selena trying her hand at a K-pop choreography.

Ariana Grande took notes

When looking at the song credits, an unexpected name catches the eye: Ariana Grande (27). So the megastar contributed to the collaboration, presumably in the form of lyrics.

In addition to Selena herself, there are also singer-songwriter Victoria Monét, who has already written songs for the US girl group Fifth Harmony, and US rapper Bekuh Boom, who has his hands in various Korean hits such as the Blackpink single "Kill This Love" Spiel had, and Teddy Park, the in-house producer of the Blackpink label YG Entertainment. He wrote some of the biggest K-pop hits.

The song is streaming like crazy

As with many new releases by K-Pop groups with a strong fan base, the Blackpink-Gomez collab went through the roof after a short time. In just seven hours, the music video on Youtube achieved 35 million views, on Twitter the hashtag #IceCream trended with several million tweets and the song made it to second place on the US iTunes charts on Friday afternoon.

The Blinks, as Blackpink fans call themselves, call for the streaming marathon on social media. Your goal: to break records.

The reactions are divided

Despite the huge hype, the reactions to the new single are divided. The sugar-sweet concept of the music video is well received and fans are happy about the contrast to the tough predecessor single "How You Like That" - but there are also some criticisms.

Criticism is falling especially for the banal lyrics, the repetitive and unspectacular beat and the unfair distribution of the vocal and rap parts. The two singers Rosé and Jisoo received far fewer lines than the other three.

"I really expected an absolute bop, but we were only disappointed," it says in a YouTube comment. Another says: "The lyrics sound like they were from a high school student's diary."

BTS fans sabotage the music video

What is particularly bitter for many Blinks: The music video is currently being sabotaged by obsessive fans of the K-pop boy band BTS. So they spam the comment column with one and the same comment.

The trigger of the online war between the two fan communities: followers of the men's group want to prevent «Ice Cream» from being streamed more frequently than the recently released BTS single «Dynamite», which is currently topping the US iTunes charts.

There is a new band logo

Attentive fans also noticed that Blackpink presented a new band logo in the music video. In addition to the rectangular framed band name, the group now also appears to have a heart-shaped emblem.

(L'essentiel / Stephanie Vinzens)

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