How can I be an Israeli soldier

Fake appsHamas reportedly hacked Israeli soldiers

Football and love - that always works. That could have been Hamas' s calculation when it developed the apps that were the undoing of Israeli soldiers. According to the Israeli army, at least 100 soldiers downloaded malicious apps that Hamas is said to have placed on Google's app store. Two dating apps and one app for the soccer World Cup. The incident was exposed by the army itself.

"In January we got the first reports that soldiers were chatting with women who were getting soldiers to download apps. We concluded that it was a cyber attack by Hamas. The aim was to gather information and us to harm in cyber. "

Israeli Army: "No security damage"

According to Israeli media reports, Hamas was successful. Militant Palestinians are said to have had access to photos, phone numbers and emails of the soldiers via the malicious apps. They are even said to have activated the microphones and cameras of the smartphones remotely. And so they filmed bases of the Israeli army - also on the border with the Gaza Strip, which Hamas controls. However, the Israeli army stated that the hacks did not cause any security damage.

"Nowadays, any smartphone can easily be turned into a weapon," says Nitzan Ziv, Vice President of the Israeli IT security company Checkpoint. "With the push of a button, it can be converted into a camera or transmitter. We have the capabilities to repel such attacks."

"The Hebrew was a bit strange"

Skills Israel is proud of. The country is a world leader in cybersecurity. This also applies to the Israeli army. Actually, it is the Israeli soldiers who attack militant Palestinians over the Internet with their special forces. At first glance, the fact that it turned out the other way round seems rather embarrassing for the Israelis. But they even go on the offensive with the story. In an educational video, they want to warn Israeli soldiers about the attacks. The campaign even has a name: Broken Heart. The suspected Hamas hackers often pretend to be attractive men or women in chats and try to seduce the soldiers.

"I received a message from a uniformed soldier in the Golani unit via WhatsApp," said one soldier in the army video. "It all struck me as suspicious. The Hebrew was a bit strange. When I got into the observation room, I showed this message to the other girls and suddenly we noticed that other girls were also receiving the message, from exactly the same soldier with the same profile picture . "

Militant Palestinians are said to have contacted male soldiers via WhatsApp months ago and pretended to be attractive women. A strange idea: that an Islamist hacker is sitting in the Gaza Strip and flirting with the enemy in Hebrew. Hamas has not yet confirmed the incidents. If they are true, however, they are proof that Hamas has long since arrived in the digital age. The malicious app for the soccer World Cup could not only read the soldiers' smartphones. It should have been programmed pretty well and presented the results of the World Cup perfectly.