Is the first kiss really different

KISS ME FROG! What the first kiss tells

The first kiss is unforgettable. A bad kiss can spoil everything, a good kiss can make us soar in seventh heaven. But what makes a good kiss? Kissing technique or chemistry? We'll reveal the secret!

Clara feels a pleasant tingling sensation in her stomach. She spent the evening with Thomas in a cozy café. Both talked lively and looked deep into each other's eyes. Now Thomas is accompanying Clara home. Arriving at the doorstep, Clara can feel her pulse racing. The time will come soon: the first kiss. Both look each other in the eye, he approaches her, she takes over the last part. And Clara melts away.

Kissing is like New Year's in the brain

Kissing is intense pleasure. Because different senses come into play at the same time. We feel the touch of lips and tongue, taste the taste of saliva and smell the other person's smell. Brain researchers have found that kissing activates multiple centers of the brain. The areas of smell, taste, feeling and memory get going. The result: when you kiss, New Year's Eve is in your brain. We experience a kind of intoxication. But kissing not only stimulates all the senses - it's also healthy. When we make out, our bodies release the happiness hormone serotonin. That makes us relaxed and balanced. In addition, there is the infatuation hormone phenylethylamine, which triggers eroticism and high feelings in us. The effect: our circulation is stimulated and we feel fit. To top it off, the immune system sends defense cells through the blood. Kissing strengthens the immune system. When kissing, it's not just New Year's Eve in the brain, the immune system also celebrates a party.

Movie tip:

The kiss reveals whether he is a frog or a dream prince. But it can also turn out very differently than in Disney's “Kiss the Frog”.

One bad kiss and the date is over

What does Clara do after saying goodbye to Thomas? She is on the phone with her best friend and reports on the success or failure of the first kiss: How did he kiss her? Was it gentle or wild? Did he have his eyes open or closed? Kissing is an important issue. If the kiss doesn't suit personal taste, the date is over. If the other person's kiss is convincing, they are potential dream partners. But what is it about the kiss? Does it really give that much information about the success or failure of a relationship?

Men and women kiss for different reasons

The meaning of a kiss is different for a man and a woman. While kissing, women wonder whether the man is suitable for a relationship. Is he too tense, is he otherwise very narrow-minded? Does he slouch, is he generally too overzealous? While women kissing dream of a future together, men want sex afterwards. This is confirmed by a study by the cultural anthropologist Ingelore Ebberfeld. Men would kiss with sex in the back of their heads, women, on the other hand, could also imagine wild smooching without sex, Ebberfeld told NZZ. The survey of 500 people also showed that men are less fond of kissing than women. Given the choice of whether to forego sex or kissing, the majority of men would forego kissing, according to the kiss researcher.

The 6 worst kissing types

Still, according to the latest research, the kiss is at the forefront of a relationship for both men and women. Women have a more sensitive feel for the kiss and pay special attention to the technology. There is a wide range. Here are six types of kisses to avoid:

The terrible: Reluctantly, anxiously and with a dry mouth, the shy one approaches your lips. His restraint runs through his everyday life. It is just as inconspicuous as when kissing in the rest of your life.

The picky one: With raised eyebrows and pursed lips, the picky man gives you a little kiss. Then he feels his way forward with the tip of his tongue. The fussy person will be just as meticulous in the relationship as when kissing. Each word is placed on the gold scales and the toothpaste tube is squeezed out to the last bit.

The stamper: This candidate is not just stamping himself in your mind with his kisses. Every smooching with him ends with a hickey. The stamp must mark his territory. He also likes to draw boundaries in a relationship, is selfish and jealous.

The eagle owl: That kisser just can't keep his eyes closed. When kissing, having a wild smooching or having sex: the eagle owl always has its eyes wide open so as not to miss anything. In everyday life he also wants to know about everything and has a tendency to have control.

The oral tourist: His tongue feels its way from one cheek to your other, in front of and behind your teeth. The mouth tourist wants to have been everywhere. In real life, he also wants to know everything down to the smallest detail. As with kissing, this soon becomes annoying.

The scraper brush: There is a lot of potential for friction with these guys. His lips are chapped, the corners of his mouth are torn. Even wet kisses do not help with him. Take a special look here at how he otherwise grooms.

When kissing lovers, the chemistry is right

On the other hand, the kisser who is deeply in love is unbeatably beautiful. He takes you tightly in his arms. The kiss is gentle and passionate. Soft knees, tingly feelings: both of them completely submerge. This kiss is romantic, deep and unforgettable. Why is that? When you kiss in love, the chemistry is just right. According to the latest research, the perfect kiss is due to the composition of saliva. When kissing, biochemical processes are set in motion. According to studies by Rutgers University in New Jersey, messenger substances that say something about the character are exchanged via the saliva.

A distinction is made between four characters: Who is an excess of Dopamine in saliva is wild and adventurous. Serotonin-Kissers are conservative and traditional. testosterone in the saliva reveals that the type is pragmatic. estrogen-Knuckers, on the other hand, are emotional people

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Which kisser suits whom?

Which saliva now joins whom? In a study of 40,000 respondents, the American anthropologist Helen Fisher found that adventurous dopamine and conservative serotonin like to join their peers. Pragmatic testosterone and emotional estrogen prefer to seek opposites. But be careful: Certain factors kill the ideal kiss: According to surveys, bad breath, a scratchy beard or chapped lips are the most feared love killers.

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