Our cell phones can damage our skin

This is how harmful the cell phone is to the skin

That's how harmful the cell phone is to your skin

Whether the radiation from cell phones is harmful has been discussed for a long time. However, there is still no conclusive result for this debate. Nonetheless, our cell phone has been shown to cause a lot of damage ... on our skin.

1. Cell phone rash

Do you often get a rash on your face or hand? Then that's probably due to your cell phone. Most phone cases included Nickel, which causes allergic reactions in many people. So that you don't get a rash on your cell phone in the future, use one plastic cover for your cell phone and stick a Protective film. One helps against the rash Hydrocortisone ointment.  

2. Acne due to cell phone

Cell phones can also cause blemishes and pimples. That's because our cell phones are very dirty. Some studies even claim that there are more bacteria on cell phones than in public toilets. That is why people who use the phone a lot should use their cell phones clean several times a day. Also, maybe they should think about it in the future talking on the phone with headphones. The pimples and blemishes on the face can be eliminated with a facial cleanser Dibenzoyl peroxide contains, are treated.

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3. Pigment spots on the skin due to radiation from the cell phone

The radiation from cell phones does not cause skin cancer, as was feared until recently. However, it can contribute to the formation of pigment spots. For example, those who are very prone to pigmentation disorders should also consider to make calls with headphones or a hands-free system. A cream with Sun protection can have a preventive effect. If the first pigment spots have already formed, a lightening cream against hyperpigmentation with ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E and niacin can help.

4. Wrinkles because of cell phones

Your face is as tight as ever, but your neck is slowly wrinkling? Then you probably write a lot of text messages, scroll through your Instagram feed for hours and probably hardly ever put your phone down. If you keep staring down at your cell phone, literally wrinkles the sensitive skin on the neck. This creates wrinkles. So it is better to use the cell phone as often as possible to use at eye level. Facial exercises can also help smooth the skin again.

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