Are Virgos conceited

How to deal with a virgin

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    Don't play mind games. Virgos see mind games and manipulation as lying, devious and below their dignity and recognize such petty things from miles away. If you try to do this, they won't trust you and won't respect you.

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    Be considerate of your Virgo's feelings. What goes on inside a Virgo's head is often a mystery to those around her. Because they are able to hide their feelings well. Often times, when they are brought to the point of expressing displeasure with a person or situation, they are surprised. The Virgo is patient and loving. But when it reaches its limits, it's all over! Sometimes, out of politeness, they can suppress their feelings and later explode, or worse, just drop you.

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    Take care of your own personal hygiene and appearance. Virgos are perfectionists and are usually well-groomed. Pay attention to your fingernails, your smell, your hair. Prepare yourself. Your Virgo friend may want to comment if they think you need a little help. But it is seldom meant badly when they do this.

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    If a Virgo has a strong belief in something, don't waste your time changing his or her mind. Not only are Virgos passionate about what they believe in, they usually have thought and researched carefully and are unlikely to deviate from an argument. Virgos are extremely good watchers - nothing escapes this sign - and can easily outperform their opponent in a debate.

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    Don't take your Virgo friend or lover for granted! Virgos are utterly loyal and devoted and give 100% to loved ones, but they do not allow themselves to be used or taken advantage of. Once the Virgo finds out that she has been immensely misled, she will immediately show you the door with a little drama. If she suspects that she is in a one-sided relationship or friendship, she will direct you out of her life without detours and with no possibility of return. Virgos may seem mean in their ability to resolve emotionally quickly, but their logic does not allow them to hang their heads for too long. It is next to impossible to get a Virgo back once she's gone.

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    Virgos are sensitive beings who value themselves very much, knowing that they put a lot of effort into everything they do. Compliments like “you look pretty today” or “you are my best friend” are definitely valued and go a long way. Virgos put a lot of work into all areas because they are so perfectionist. A compliment makes them feel that their effort has not gone unnoticed. Usually they will return you an honest compliment, and a Virgo lover will reward you with gusto.

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    Do not point out to the Virgo her shortcomings. She is aware of her own shortcomings. If you are unable to do your best, e.g. because you are sick, this situation will make you very upset. Never insult your virgin or expose her in front of others! Virgos are extremely aware of the shortcomings of others, but especially their own, and are extremely sensitive to criticism and they do not forget about humiliations.

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    Virgos always try to see the humorous side in everything and enjoy the easy side of life. Try to make her laugh. They love fun TV shows, movies, plays, and comedies. Making the intelligent Virgo laugh can be tough at times. But if you do, they'll be impressed - and interested.

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    Virgos are excellent friends and companions, but you must earn their love and respect. You may be friends with many people. But in reality, they only have a small group of people they really trust. If a Virgo considers you a close friend, be grateful! The loyal selfless Virgo loves nothing more than to support her friends and will be happy to put the needs of her loved ones first.

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    Listen when a virgin speaks to you. They are good listeners themselves and find it rude to be ignored or interrupted.

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    Don't be self-important or cocky. The self-sufficient Virgo can't stand people who are totally spoiled and have an entitlement mindset, as if the world “owes” them something. Since Virgos are usually well brought up and educated, they do not tolerate arrogant people.

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    Understand that Virgos will listen to your advice but then most likely do something else after all. They will do whatever is best for them. For example, if they ask you "Should I go for the red or the black?" and you say "I like the red" they'll consider it but then take the black. Do not feel offended. They considered your opinion, but then decided on their opinion.

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    Understand that while they are sensitive, they can be very defensive. If you start an argument with a Virgo just because she looks meek and defenseless - think twice - they have a steel back and a sharp tongue!

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    Don't give them too much information at once. Telling very personal or intimate things on your own will make the Virgo feel a little uncomfortable and make her feel like she has to reciprocate. It takes time for a Virgo to build enough trust to confide in someone.

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    Be careful what you say If you said something negative last year, they will still remember it and use it against you.

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    Virgo women in particular make excellent wives and mothers because of their gentle and loving nature. Their perfectionism is an asset in the kitchen, and they are no good painting a room or staining furniture. You will create a beautiful home with happy, well-behaved children. Be generous with compliments on the Virgin's kitchen, immaculate home, and other household benefits as she takes great pride in her domestic skills.

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    Be tactful and diplomatic. Because the Virgo has NO tolerance for naughty, tactless people. Control your temper in the presence of a Virgo. They see quick anger as a weakness.

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    If you're not naturally intelligent up, you should be endowed with conversational skills. Virgos love interesting conversations because of Mercury in their sign or when someone has a unique character. Otherwise, the Virgo will not waste her wit and charm on someone who she feels is inferior to them. This is why some people think Virgo is boring. But it's not the virgin's fault. It's more likely that the relevant Virgo wasn't in love enough to care to make a lasting impression. They know that if they didn't hate being the center of attention, they have loads of good things and can win over audiences. But they reserve their charms for potential partners and new friends.

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    If you are a woman, don't act stupid or riot in front of a Virgo man - not even Virgo men find this appealing. Also, you should never flirt with a virgin's husband. Virgos in long-term relationships defend them with their lives and react with hostility towards anyone who threatens this relationship.

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    Virgos shy away from constructive criticism but humbly accept it. Negative criticism thought to hurt the Virgo will not be so kindly received and the response will be very ugly. Never abuse your virgin.

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    Virgos are very empathetic and intuitive. So always tell the truth and be sincere. When the truth hurts, they expect you to use your tact and diplomatic skills. Virgos don't like fake or lying people.

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    Virgos have very good manners and are educated. So you won't have a chance to be friends with one if you are uneducated, rude, vulgar, selfish, rowdy, a slut or a slob and want to have sex on a first date. However, the good-hearted Virgo is able to see the best in others and may give you a second chance if you only have some negative traits along with good core qualities, as long as you show that you want to improve yourself.

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    Virgos value salary. If you want to date a Virgo, you have to be interesting, deep, and a little bit mysterious, but not too distant for them to think they are needed. You will see through this and lose interest.

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    When Virgos talk about astrology, they prefer to see themselves as angels rather than virgins.

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    Don't let the term “Virgo” fool you. Virgos are usually introverted and extremely picky about a lover, but sex and sexual compatibility are paramount to them. Your Virgo may seem shy at first. But if you have patience and build trust, you will have an extremely intense, passionate and exciting sex life. Virgos are selfless and creative in bed, take pride in satisfying their lover and granting his every wish.

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    Virgos value loyalty and trust above all else in a relationship. When the Virgo finds her true love, she will give herself completely and selflessly. But she expects the same from her partner in return. She won't give you a second chance if you are unfaithful.

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    Don't rummage through their belongings. If you think Virgo is keeping something from you, express your concerns with honesty but don't invade their privacy.

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    Don't try to make the Virgo do something she hates. Virgos are extremely independent and will not tolerate people with a controlling personality as they have an insatiable need for their OWN success. If they feel like you are trying to tell them what you think, it will turn them off.

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    If a Virgo likes you, he or she will let you know. They work hard to find their true love and don't play games.