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08.04.2014 09:46
BDS-DGV Association of the Self-employed - Trade Association Bavaria e.V.

(Munich) - The new license fee has been in force for a year. The BDS Bayern advises self-employed and medium-sized companies to carefully check the employees registered with the collection center. Often small business owners pay too high a contribution.

5.99 euros - that is the amount that many small business owners have had to pay monthly in broadcasting fees since January 1, 2013. "But we know from numerous consultations that the collection center applies the normal amount of 17.97 euros in many cases," says Rainer Colberg, a lawyer at BDS Bayern. This applies in particular to entrepreneurs who have not yet paid a license fee but have had to pay since January 1, 2013. Many entrepreneurs continue to believe that they are exempt from paying fees because they do not use radio or television in the company.

Mini-jobbers and trainees are not counted towards the number of employees

The BDS therefore advises all small business owners with fewer than nine employees to carefully review their fee notices. "Entrepreneurs have to pay the reduced contribution rate of 5.99 euros up to eight employees, not counting the boss," explains lawyer Rainer Colberg. This should also be done by entrepreneurs who have already paid, but who have reduced the number of employees.

All full-time and part-time employees are considered employees. Apprentices and mini-jobbers do not count as employees. "Entrepreneurs should also take a close look at the number of vehicles," advises the BDS lawyer. A car is also included in the reduced fee. "But many entrepreneurs make the mistake of entering the number '1' on the registration form instead of a zero. With that, they pay one car too much."

Another point: self-employed people who have their office at home only have to pay the license fee once - for their private apartment. In this case, for a car that is also used for commercial purposes, not the full fee of 17.97 euros, but the reduced fee of 5.99 euros.

Anyone who does not use radio, television or online offers still pays

Many self-employed people still find the radio license a nuisance because they rightly criticize the fact that they do not use public broadcasters or that they do not use radio or television for business purposes. "Unfortunately, these facts are irrelevant when calculating the license fee. The only thing that counts is the presence of one or more business premises, with or without receivers, the number of vehicles and the number of employees," explains lawyer Rainer Colberg.

"When converting to the new system, the BDS criticized the fact that both entrepreneurs and employees already have to pay private license fees. Unfortunately, we did not get through to the 16 prime ministers of the federal states with this argument. , explains Markus Droth, General Manager of BDS Bayern.

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