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50 relationship questionsHoney, I have to ask you something ...

It's not about the laundry done or whether the trash has already been taken out that a relationship needs to thrive.

Questions for couples need to go deeper and be personal. But above all should Relationship issues bring a couple into conversation on a regular basis.

Because if communication falls by the wayside, it is not uncommon for love to dry up soon. With these 50 relationship questions you get to know each other really well - again and again. Have fun answering!

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50 relationship questions every couple should ask of each other:

1. Are there things or qualities about me that make you feel insecure?

2. Have I ever hurt you without realizing it?

3. What do you think is our greatest common strength?

4. And what is our greatest common weakness?

5. Is there a couple that you envy of their relationship?

6. Are there things that have repeatedly led to arguments or difficulties in your previous relationships?

7. Are there things or topics that you cannot fully trust me about?

8. Do you believe in great love?

9. In your opinion, can there be eternal fidelity?

10. Why do you think the divorce rate is so much higher today than it was before?

11. Are there characteristics and aspects of you that you do not like at all?

12. Why do you think we of all people fell in love?

13. Do you dare to trust me with all of your sexual dreams?

14. What are your sexual desires and dreams?

15. Is there anything in our relationship that makes you feel bad or even afraid?

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16. Do you think a couple should share everything? Or does everyone need some kind of privacy?

17. Do you feel neglected or even unloved by me every now and then?

18. Do I touch you too much? Or maybe too little?

19. Is there a topic that you don't like to talk to me about?

20. What qualities do you love most about me?

21. Which characteristics bother you about me?

22. Do you have goals that you absolutely want to achieve in your life?

23. How did you perceive your parents' relationship? Did you do something particularly wrong or right?

24. What can we learn from each other?

25. Are there things that you are uncompromising about?

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26. Where are you vulnerable?

27. Is there anything you'd like me to help you with?

28. Which three keywords would you use to describe yourself and which words would you use to describe me?

29. Have you ever been embarrassed?

30. Do you think that arguments always have to mean something bad in a relationship? Or can you emerge stronger from it?

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31. Do you dare to speak to me honestly about loyalty?

32. Have I changed from your perspective during our relationship?

33. If a fairy godmother could grant us a common wish, what would it be?

34. Is there anything that you cannot forgive?

35. Is there anything that could bring us even closer together?

36. In your opinion, what can be done to save a relationship from everyday life and keep it exciting?

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37. Can you say that you are completely happy? Or what do you lack for complete happiness?

38. What was the best moment for you in our relationship?

39. Do you feel misunderstood by me now and then?

40. How important is sex in a relationship?

41. Do relationships work that do not have sex (anymore)?

42. Have I ever been a stranger to you?

43. What should we do or what should we do if we cannot come to an agreement after a dispute?

44. In your opinion, does it always make sense for couples to live together?

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45. Is there anything in our time together that you regret?

46. ​​Do you think marriage is part of a committed relationship? Or is it also possible without a marriage certificate?

47. What changes through marriage?

48. From your point of view, is quarreling normal in a relationship? And if so, to what extent?

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49. Is there a couple who are your absolute anti-role models for a working relationship? What is it doing wrong?

50. How do you know when a relationship is over?

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