What are the cons of leaving the house

Should I move out of home while studying?
advantages and disadvantages

If you don't necessarily have to change your place of residence for your studies, it can be worthwhile to stay at home for the time being. But everyone has their own interests and preferences. Some really want to leave, others enjoy being cared for at home. Others want to leave but cannot afford it.

We have listed advantages and disadvantages below as to whether you should move into a shared apartment, student residence or your own apartment while studying, or whether you should stay at home as an alternative.

The advantages

Living at home has its advantages:

  • No high monthly costs for rent, meals, internet etc.
  • The refrigerator is (mostly) full.
  • You rarely have to cook yourself.
  • Also not to be despised: The family pressure to finally study for the exam.

Of course, this list does not apply to every parental home. There are certainly parents who ask their adult children to add a supplement to the costs (e.g. by keeping the family allowance). That is certainly also legitimate.

The disadvantages

Where there are advantages, there are usually disadvantages as well. For example:

  • You don't have 100% privacy at home.
  • Studying is meant to grow up and you might well end up partying until the early hours of the morning. Who wants to have to justify it?
  • Whether good friends or the affair are visiting you - it is possible that you don't always want your parents to know who is visiting.
  • You will be checked to a certain extent, if only so that the dinner together can be planned. Questions like "Where are you going and when are you coming back?" belong for example.
  • Those who do not have to take care of themselves properly do not learn to be independent.

Make the right decision individually

In particular, the points of independence and independence are things that are very important for personal development during the course. Of course, family pressure can't hurt to learn better for exams. But do you really want to be checked constantly when you are of legal age? It is certainly better to develop an independence. If you don't learn to plan your to-do list properly during your studies, you will also have problems later in your professional life. Therefore, studying is the ideal preparation time.

But the costs can put a spanner in the works. For example, if you want to go through with your studies and do not take a student job on the side, or can use other means of study financing, the parental home is a cheap alternative.

Our advice:

If you can afford it, you should move into your own apartment, shared apartment or student dormitory. In our experience, many prospective students initially moved out with a little fear of the new situation, but after a few months it is often said: "Moving out was the best decision." In the medium term, many can no longer even imagine moving back home and submitting to the family rhythm. Because in your own apartment you can plan your life as you see fit.