Should I copyright my work?

Protect texts

The copyright archive can help you to reliably protect your intellectual property. The term intellectual property also includes written and linguistic works such as books, operating instructions, blog posts and scientific papers. We help you with our expertise to protect the legal issues relating to your works.

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How can I protect my works?

In order to prevent theft of ideas, you can store your works in our archive in three simple steps and immediately receive evidence that can be used in court.

1. Upload

You upload your work to our server via a secure connection and enter your personal data.

2. Save

We provide your work with a time stamp, view it and save it several times.

3. Certify

You will receive a certificate of your deposit and thus a court-usable proof of priority!

Which works can be protected

Basically, practically all forms of electronic files and documents can be protected with the help of the copyright archive. This also includes, among other things Blog posts, Web texts, Books, Novels, Homework, Bachelor theses, Master theses, Manuscripts or Manuals.

According to § 2 UrhG are also Works of science protected if they are the result of a personal and spiritual creation. It can therefore be assumed that the copyright also includes academic work within the framework of a degree, such as term papers, bachelor theses or master theses.

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Copyrights to written works and language works

Written works and language works are protected in accordance with Section 2 of the Copyright Act. A work of this kind exists when the text created shows a minimum of individual spiritual creation. In many cases, copyright protection fails because of this requirement.

A linguistic work within the meaning of the Copyright Act exists if an externally recognizable linguistic expression is given. This is the case, for example, with speeches, lectures or interviews. A linguistic work within the meaning of the Copyright Act is given if a linguistic thought content is made externally recognizable by written characters or other characters. Here novels, short stories, newspaper articles and scientific papers can be named as examples.

The author of a language or written work can take action against unauthorized use of it by third parties. In principle, individual passages can also be protected if they are characterized by a certain independence and recognition. It is of crucial importance that you can prove your own authorship in the event of a legal dispute. The filing of your written or language work in the author's archive can help you with this.

How does the copyright archive work and how does it help to protect your works and rights?

First of all, it is important that the archiving itself does not create any copyright within the meaning of the Copyright Act. The existence of copyrights is based on legal requirements, such as the achievement of the necessary creative height. In addition to archiving, we would be happy to advise you on the question of whether your work can be protected by copyright.

The copyright archive protects your intellectual property with the help of a so-called priority certificate. The time of creation of the respective work is documented by a lawyer. You will then receive proof of the deposit.

The filing of a work in the author's archive takes three simple steps:

  1. First, you upload your work to our server via a secure connection and also provide us with some personal data.
  2. In the second step, the work is saved. For this purpose, it is first provided with a time stamp in order to record the time of the deposit. In addition, the work will be viewed by us.
  3. At the end of the process, you will receive a certificate by email which confirms the deposit and can therefore serve as evidence of priority that can be used in court.

The purpose of the copyright archive is to prevent theft of ideas and imitation. If there is a legal dispute regarding an authorship, you can use the certificate to prove the point in time at which your work was already in existence. The certificate serves as evidence of priorities that can be used in court.

This method can save you a lot of money and effort. Because if you first have to prove your authorship of a work in the course of a legal dispute without having evidence that can be used in court, you cannot focus specifically on the enforcement of your actual claims. By storing them in the copyright archive, you gain not only security, but also important time in the event of a legal dispute.

Do you have any questions about protecting your works?

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