What is the most motivating movie soundtrack

Do you want to motivate yourself to do something, but you don't have the final push? The right sound could help!

Different people, different music

Not every sound is suitable for every activity, although of course personal taste should not be ignored. Someone who cannot do anything with heavy metal, for example, will probably not feel motivated when listening to it, but rather continue to feel disturbed. This contradicts the still widespread opinion that faster, louder and more dynamic sound is more motivating than quieter sounds. Of course, music has a physically measurable influence on the brain, but since every person reacts to it differently, it cannot be generalized which sound is the “most motivating”. So there is no such thing as a motivating music in itself.

Before football

Many people find dynamic sounds with lots of bass to be the most motivating factor in sports activities. Disco and chart music are heard a lot to motivate themselves. Fans also like to hear football songs that are more reminiscent of hits and party music.

During fitness training

Hip Hop seems to enjoy greater popularity in fitness training, as it often displays emphatically masculine gestures and content, as can often be seen in their music videos, which coincides with the intention to build muscles.

The bottom line: Just try out how you react to the different sounds and then decide which one makes you feel best. Nobody can tell you what is the best way to motivate yourself.