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Sims 4 Off to the snow paradise: tips, tricks & guides

How do Sims manage to climb the mighty Mt. Komorebi? How do you learn to ski and snowboard? Which festivals can Sims expect in the new neighborhood and which cultural specialties are there in the new expansion pack? What about feelings, lifestyles and zen state? We answer these and many other questions in our detailed guide to Sims 4 Off to Snow Paradise.

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In this guide to Sims 4 Off to Snow Paradise you will learn:

  • how sim feelings work
  • what styles of life there are and how you get them
  • how Sims learn to climb, ski and snowboard and how they conquer Mt. Komorebi
  • how sims wander and what the risks are
  • what to expect in the new career of office staff
  • how Sims achieve their inner zen with controlled emotions
  • what opportunities the new neighborhood also offers

All information about the Sims 4 expansions and DLCs can be found in our linked article.

New in Sims 4: Emotions, Sim Profile and Platforms

Even players who do not buy the Ab into Snow Paradise expansion pack will benefit from two updates that were added to the Sims 4 base game with the release of the pack. On the one hand, a long-cherished wish of the Sims community was fulfilled: Now it is possible in house building mode to build different height levels inside the house using platforms, which allows, for example, to set a dining area on a higher platform or to set up a lower living room. Not only does it look chic, it also enables a more modern architectural style. Individual areas in large rooms can also be discreetly delimited from one another.

Sim profile

In the relationships overview (two-person icon in the menu bar at the bottom right of the screen) you can see the people in the game world known to the active Sim. This includes family members, relationship partners, friends, enemies and acquaintances. With a left click on the portrait of one of these Sims you get the new option "Open Sim Profile". The new window replaces the previous info image with basic information such as characteristics, marital status, job, etc.

In the new Sim profile, all important information that the active Sim has collected about the respective person is listed more clearly. In addition, you will receive information about feelings that have been developed for this person and their active lifestyles. In the biography section you can see the age level, known relationship partners and - if any - whether a Sim is an occult being.


If Sims experience positive or negative moments together, they develop shared feelings that bring more depth to the relationship with one another. So far, you could only determine relationships of any kind via the amount of points in the various affection bars and some actions, such as “become best friends”. If there were negative events, they were quickly forgotten after the associated moodlets had subsided, so that relationships could be rebuilt without difficulty. The new feelings are intended to prevent this effect and noticeably refine the Sim togetherness, as Sims react particularly to the moods of the people who are important to them.

An example of how feelings work: Suna returns home from a hard day at work. Her need bars are pretty empty and the Sim woman feels uncomfortable and tense. Her husband John is in the same room and develops a sad moodlet because he feels "connected". The moodlet text alludes to this feeling and states that he feels bad because a Sim who is important to him is badly off. Something similar can also develop in the other direction - if Suna is very happy because all needs are met and she has additional positive moodlets, her good mood also infects her husband.

In the Sim profile, in the Feelings section, you will find an overview of the feelings this Sim shares with others. Feelings subside after a certain period of time, unless they are refreshed by similar actions. You can recognize this from the fact that a feeling icon is no longer completely colored, but only halfway (green for positive feelings, red for negative). If you let time go by, feelings even disappear completely. Newly developed feelings are indicated to you by the fact that the portrait of the Sim with whom the feelings developed is outlined in gold in the overview and provided with the feelings symbol (book with a heart on the cover).

How do feelings arise?

Feelings are triggered by certain actions or shared experiences: Two Sims, who both like to spend time in the fresh air and hike together, share a corresponding, positive feeling after a nice walk. With the positive social interaction “express admiration”, the Sim performing this interaction creates the feeling of “limitless admiration” for the target person. Feelings do not have to arise from both sides and can even differ significantly depending on the Sims' personality traits - for example, if a Sim catches the relationship partner cheating on him with a third Sim. Understandably, this causes bitter feelings in the cheated person, but perhaps not even in a sense of guilt in the cheater, depending on their personality.

Sim traits, tinkering, and more

The expansion pack Off to the snow paradise not only brings enough wind sports, but also some additions for the daily life of your Sims, which you can even encounter outside of the new neighborhood Mt. Komorebi.

Personality traits

You can equip newly created Sims with two new personality traits to match the focus of the “Off to Snow Paradise” expansion pack. If you want to add some variety to an existing Sim, simply use a cheat: cheat away old personality traits, introduce new ones with cheat - done. You can find all personality traits in our large Cheats Overview for Sims 4 - including the two new ones, of course!

  • Adventurous: These Sims are into adventure, such as dangerous sports, exploration, and more. In addition, adventurous Sims learn the climbing skill faster than other Sims. But be careful: If your life is too boring, Sims with this trait will get pretty unhappy.
  • Correctly: Correct Sims greet others politely and expect to be equally polite. Naughty behavior through mischievous or mean interactions is anathema to proper Sims! They prefer neat clothing and are more likely to build friendships and romantic relationships.


Your Sims can now have fun with each other in two more ways: Regardless of whether it is an artificial “hot indoor spring” or a natural “hot spring” - lovers can enjoy a very special treat in the refreshing, steaming water. Important: If you place the "hot indoor spring" in your own home, you should also make sure that there is a shower nearby. Unshowered Sims who go into the spring immediately pollute the water, which is pretty sure to cut off love activities. On the other hand, if your Sims undertake the “mountain tour” social event together, they will end up in an area with a natural cave, in which daring love-hungry people dare to try an outdoor buffoon, where even the cave bats flee.


Based on their daily habits such as a certain diet, exercising and much more, your Sims can now develop up to three lifestyles from a selection of a total of sixteen possible lifestyles. These influence the everyday life of your Sims through bonuses that match their lifestyle, but also minor disadvantages if the Sims do not act according to the lifestyle. You can read more about lifestyles, how you discover, get and keep them, in the Lifestyles section of this guide.

Types of death

The adventures of the Sims around Mt. Komorebi are not entirely harmless - two new types of death turn a sporty visit to the area into a potential death trap. Sports-loving Sims should be careful when climbing difficult walls without adequate climbing knowledge - this is where it lurks Death from a fall! With climbing equipment, talcum powder and stretching exercises before the start of a climbing exercise, you prepare your Sims ideally. Nevertheless, there are supposed to be people who like extreme challenges: If the Sims' ability is just enough to conquer a wall, there is only the climbing option "Try to climb". With this climbing variant, ledges slide easily on the wall or fall completely because they lose their grip. Bad, i.e. icy weather conditions can also contribute to a greater risk. Most of the time, Sims land in the snow at the foot of the climbing wall and suffer minor to severe injuries - but some also fall to their death.

The second type of death is a little more curious: those set up all over the new neighborhood Vending machines usually supply Sims reliably with the selected and paid items. If this is not the case and the item is stuck inside the machine, the Sims can try to shake the machine to get to the coveted item. Most of the time it is also possible to snatch your purchase from the machine. However, if the machine is positioned sideways, Sims climb on it to get to the goods a little more aggressively. The machine falls over and the Sim injures himself. If an injured Sim tries their luck again, it is extremely likely that the machine will tip over a second time, which is fatal for them!

Play opportunities around Mt. Komorebi

So that you do not miss a single detail of the various game options, we present all the important innovations in this section. In principle, it is worth exploring the neighborhood yourself first and then trying to “Mt. Komorebi Tourist ”, as it shows you many possibilities.

Japanese lifestyle

The neighborhood of Mt. Komorebi is stylistically based on different regions of Japan and that is why some Japanese cultural peculiarities have found their way into the game. Children who live in households in the new neighborhood lay one down when they leave home to go to school or high school School uniform in sailor look at. This is the standard for all students in Japan and can also be found in modern manga and anime. In Japanese apartments or houses, it is common to only move through the rooms in socks and visitors also take off their shoes at the entrance door. With a notice that you can hang up in every Sim home, your Sims will in future slip out of their shoes when entering the house.

In the onsen bathhouse, your Sims traditionally relax in one natural hot spring - Lovers can even dare to mess around here if the bathhouse is empty. If you want to take that spring feeling home with you for your Sims, install an artificial hot spring in the bathroom. Collecting Sims buy a Simmi capsule at the corresponding machine for $ 50 each, from which you can get one of the total 24 different Simmi figures receive. Also visit the festivals to buy capsules with rare Simmis from the festival machines there.

Cooking-mad Sims can get 15 new recipes by buying and consuming food at food stalls - from simple ramen soup to sushi variations. To eat these dishes with chopsticks in proper style, click on your Sim and use the "Cutlery Preference" menu. By default, the fork is set as cutlery there, but you can also choose four different types of chopsticks. For more food choices, buy a Dutch Oven, in which three more delicious, traditional dishes can be prepared.

Festival of Lights, Snow Festival and Youth Festival

Three festivals provide variety in the neighborhood of Mt. Komorebi. For more information, Sims use the message boards in the respective area and select the option "View festival schedule" or "Get information about the next festival". Each of these festivals offers unique interactions and fits perfectly with the Japan theme of the expansion pack.

Youth Festival (Wakaba, every Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

This festival is aimed primarily at children, while adults enjoy dishes such as crepe with ice cream. The following activities await at the youth festival:

  • Void Creature Hunt: Have a Sim kid approach the local mascot Yamachan about void creatures to take part in the hunt. Afterwards, Sim kids can hunt void creatures on the festival site with their smartphones by sending the kid around. Once the child has discovered a creature, it can be seen briefly in the game world and can be caught. For every ten creatures captured, the child at Yamachan receives an ultra-rare Simmi capsule.
  • Received blessings: Children can get a blessing from Yamachan - or be offended if they don't get one.
  • Increase skills: For children there are production tables and play tables with which they can increase their mental and creativity skills.
  • Special dishes: Various types of ice cream and crepe with ice cream await hungry guests.

Festival of Lights (Senbamachi, every second Friday 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.)

At this festival, the participants devote themselves to an outlook on the future and a look back on the past. The following activities await at the Festival of Lights:

  • Pay respect to the deceased: Mourn at one of the historical graves or leave a gift for the deceased.
  • Leave a wish on the Tanabata tree: Together with other Sims or alone, your Sims write wishes on a card and hang them on the Tanabata tree.
  • Wearing traditional kimonos: To celebrate the Festival of Lights, your Sims can buy and wear a festive kimono.
  • Dancing by the fire, watching the fireworks: Sims can warm up and watch fireworks by a large pile of wood.
  • Special dishes: On the occasion of the festival of lights, the fish-shaped pastries Taiyaki are available in several variants.

Snow Festival (Yukimatsu, every second Saturday 3:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

The snow festival takes place near the Yukimatsu valley station. The following activities await at the snow festival:

  • Look at snow sculptures: You can admire several large snow sculptures on the festival site. In the evening they and the ski slopes are illuminated by colored lights. Every now and then there are also fireworks on a temple sculpture.
  • Playing in the snow: Build snow figures yourself, have a snowball fight and have fun with other festival participants in the snow.
  • Wear a festival snowsuit: Buy a fancy festival snowsuit and wear it on your snow adventures.
  • Special dishes: There are several varieties of ikayaki, which is grilled squid.

Winter sports for every taste

The Yukimatsu region right at the foot of Mt. Komorebi is a real El Dorado for all winter sports fans: Start on skis or snowboards on the practice hill next to the cable car valley station. Sims can also go sledding there. Once you have gained your first experience, you can venture out on slopes with easy, medium and extreme difficulty. For the skills of skiing and snowboarding, there are extra sections in this guide that illuminate the necessary skills in more detail. If your Sims are looking for the ultimate thrill, they dare to climb up to the top of the mountain with the ability to climb. In the section on climbing, you can read about what you have to watch out for in this sometimes dangerous extreme sport.


In the beautiful landscape around Mt. Komorebi, Sims can go hiking to their heart's content - but this leisure activity is not entirely safe! Before starting a hike, use one of the notice boards in the area so that Sims can view the "Daily Wildlife Report". You will receive hints as to which unpleasant little animals can wait for you on a hike.Depending on the message, go to the vending machine for odds and ends or equip yourself with suitable repellants and remedies on the computer (order> buy adventure equipment).

Adventure equipment for hikers

Defense or remedyContributes to ...costs
Soothing ointmentPain from giant centipede or bat attack30 $
Bat scare pathRepels bats20 $
Arthropod repellent sprayRepels giant millipedes20 $
Crawfish powderFights off Denkimushi30 $
Neuro-skin soothing ointmentPain from Denkimushi attack40 $
Emergency chemicalPain from giant hornet attack50 $
Hiss-off canisterRepels giant hornets25 $

Once all the preparations are complete, the Sims can go on a hike either alone or with friends. Use the hiking signposts found in the Sebamachi and Yukimatsu areas. Here you have the choice between several different hikes that lead to sights or special places. Once your Sims have started the hike, you can see them walking around the area while they interact with each other or the environment. Hiking buddies can build positive feelings on a successful hike. If you have the “Dogs and Cats” expansion pack (Guide), you can take dogs with you for hiking.

Hiking opportunities in the neighborhood of Mt. Komorebi

  • Senbamachi: Hike to the temple, hike to the mountain shrine, hike to the bamboo forest, jog on the fitness trail, stroll around and meditative stroll
  • Yukimatsu: Hike to the natural bay, hike to the cave statue, hike to the historical shrine, jog on the fitness trail, hike circular walk, stroll around and meditative stroll

You can even go hiking Forest Spirits or Kodama encounter: You either grant a wish or you try to capture it. Expressing a wish gives Sims a blessing in the form of a long-lasting moodlet. If you catch a forest spirit, you will receive one of five different ghost dolls that you can hang on the wall as decoration - but these do not form a collection of their own. But be careful: If you fail to capture the forest spirit, you face a nasty curse in the form of a negative moodlet!

Achieve inner balance

Sims with a stressful everyday life can try to find their inner calm again. So that the Sims can switch off a bit, let them do some relaxing activities:

  • Painting Pictures (Painting Skill): The relaxing effect also kicks in on Sims at low skill levels.
  • Read books: Use regular books, not emotional books, to help your Sims relax.
  • Pruning bonsai (gardening ability): When pruning leaves and twigs, your Sims turn off very well.
  • Catch Fish (Fishing Skill): If you are looking for a pivot that fits your Sims current skill level, you can earn a few extra Simoleons by catching fish.
  • Meditate (Wellness Skill, Wellness Day Gameplay Pack): In our experience, this is the fastest way to turn Sims off! Yoga exercises also help with inner relaxation and use the same ability.
  • Hike: Use the “Meditative Walk” type of hike to calm your Sims.

If a Sim receives the four-hour moodlet "Emotional Mindfulness" after a long period of execution, you are on the right track. Continue with relaxed actions to raise the moodlet to the final “Controlled Emotions” level. This lasts for a maximum of ten hours and enables the "Feeling to break out" action that can be used on the Sim itself. In the selection menu for this action, you can choose between all mood options that exist in the game - from negative ones such as anger or shame to inspiration, feelings of happiness or passion.

If, for example, you should carry out actions such as 'paint inspired paintings' in a certain mood in order to achieve an endeavor, this option for creating strong moods is very helpful. You can also try to make a Sim die in a certain way, which is not so easy with some variations - for example, 'Died of Shame'.

Off to the endeavor for a snow paradise

With the Off to Snow Paradise expansion pack, there are two new endeavors: Both concentrate on the new contents of the pack (winter sports and the neighborhood around Mt. Komorebi). Bonus features associated with the completion of the endeavor, apart from the pack contents, have little or no significance for the rest of the game, so you can do without them.

The endeavor "extreme sports fan"

In keeping with the many new sports options in the Off to Snow Paradise expansion pack, there is of course an endeavor that concentrates entirely on exciting experiences and extreme sporting challenges. You can find that under "Sport". While this endeavor is active, a Sim gains the “high metabolism” trait by choosing an exercise endeavor, which makes it easier for the Sim to stay fit and in shape.

Endeavor "extreme sports fan"

Level 1: Snow student

  • Shut down the practice slope
  • Buy a remedy or home repellent from a vending machine or computer
  • Use Mt. Komorebi information board

Level 2: Adventurous

  • Reach level 3 of climbing ability
  • Complete the hiking trail
  • 3 hours of active skiing, snowboarding or climbing
  • Encounter a kodama or forest spirit

Level 3: slope specialist

  • Skiing or snowboarding on a medium or difficult descent with high intensity
  • Successfully climb to the top of Mt. Komorebi
  • Get an injury while skiing, snowboarding, or climbing

Level 4: summiteer

  • Survive 3 wildlife attacks unscathed
  • Reach level 8 of skiing, snowboarding or climbing ability
  • Successfully complete a high-intensity ski or snowboard descent on a difficult descent or climb in adverse weather

Bonus trait "survival instinct": Sims with this trait survive attacks from wildlife unscathed, are less likely to get injured skiing, snowboarding, or climbing, and are naturally resistant to inclement weather.

The endeavor “Mt. Komorebi tourist "

In order to get to know the neighborhood around the mighty Mt. Komorebi, look for the endeavor “Mt. Komorebi Tourist ”, which you can find under“ Location ”in the endeavors overview. In doing so, you concentrate on the various tourist activities in the area.

Endeavor “Mt. Komorebi tourist "

Level 1: Explorer

  • Eat something at the festival of lights, snow or youth
  • Take a selfie with the Mt. Komorebi mascot
  • Collect Simmi by opening a Simmi capsule
  • Swim in the river of Wakaba for 1 hour

Level 2: Backpacker

  • Take a long bath in a hot spring
  • Put on a festival costume from a vending machine
  • Go sledding 3 times
  • Eat with chopsticks

Level 3: Globetrotter

  • Socialize in the onsen bathhouse
  • Wish something from a forest spirit or collect a forest spirit
  • Take it slow and gain emotional awareness

Bonus feature "Cosmopolitan": Sims with this trait will be quicker to socialize during social events. They like to eat food from other cultures and can negotiate a discount at market stalls, which gives them an advantage over other negotiation techniques.

Career office staff

In the new career of office staff, Sims plunge into the exciting world of corporations and either work in a specialist department or rise to higher ranks as managers. For this career, send your Sim to work on a regular basis and then choose what focus he or she should focus on. If you don't choose a center of gravity, the Sim will do its job with normal efficiency and no extras.

If you are promoted to the fifth career level, you can choose between two different career branches, in which you either solve tricky problems of all kinds as a specialist or as a manager at team leader level ensures that all the cogs in the group continue to turn as the bosses want them to.

Executives In addition to their main career skill, logic, also use their charisma to lead their subordinates and keep their teams together.

Qualified personnel employees complete the main skill logic through programming and spend everyday life with data, facts and problem solving.

Matching Traits, Lifestyles, and Property Features to Career Office Workers

In order to efficiently cope with the daily flood of paperwork, Sims should have a lot in mind in the career of office staff - logic and the ability to write are in demand in the lower career levels. The following Sim features make it easier to learn and deal with the long hours of your career.

  • Happy: Frequent moodlet “Happy” that makes it easier for you to learn all skills and that brings a work performance bonus for all careers as long as it is active.
  • Genius: The “Focused” moodlet, which appears frequently here, makes it easier for Sims to learn logic skills.
  • Loner: With this trait, the social need decreases much more slowly, so that long hours of work and rest after work do not mean too much of a disadvantage for Sims. A Sim with this trait won't be a party animal either!
  • Independent (2,000 points, rewards store): This reward trait lets social needs decline more slowly - if you don't want to use the trait "loner", "independent" is a good alternative.
  • Carefree (3,000 points, rewards store): With this reward trait, Sims are never tense. That saves a lot of time when your busy office workers get home. You usually spend it releasing tension that you have gained during the working day.
  • Relaxed (fulfilled striving for "beach life"): With this bonus feature, Sims are never tense - the same applies here as with the "Carefree" feature, you just get it in a different way.

The lifestyles newly introduced with this expansion pack also offer certain advantages that you should consider for a smooth career path:

  • Coffee loving: As long as a Sim owns a coffee maker and regularly pours in the invigorating liquid, they get a lot of work benefits. After a cup of coffee, the work performance increases and you can even let him / her work an extra shift.
  • Workaholic: Not only does this lifestyle slow down Sims' need for work, it also increases job performance and provides you with an additional option for faster promotion.

Matching lot features make building the skills necessary for an office staff career much easier while your Sim is on their residential lot:

  • Scientific area: This feature noticeably facilitates the development of the logic skill (also space technology).
  • Fast internet: To help Sims learn to write faster, use this trait during the Basic Career Levels. If you choose the career branch "Specialists", this feature supports the Sims in learning the programming skills. If you choose the career branch “managerial”, replace this characteristic with the following.
  • Sociable: This property feature makes it much easier for Sims to socialize and learn the Charisma skill faster - ideal for budding leaders.
  • Afterglow: Work in the office is exhausting - and since Sims don't come home until the evening anyway, this feature is great for giving them positive moodlets when they return without you having to do anything. Here you can expect energetic, happy or inspired moodlets.

Office staff: basic career level 1-4

The day-to-day task for the first four stages of an office worker career is to write "Moderately Important Reports". To do this, click on the computer of your Sims and select the menu "Career" and then "Create fairly important reports". The task takes about an hour to play and is only considered complete when it is completely done.

  • The Bonus feature "Charismatic voice" Sims receive after reaching the fourth basic career level for both career branches. They improve the way they deal with their colleagues and have a small advantage when singing.
stepJob titleWages / hourWages / dayWorking hourspromotionbonus
1The new one14 $140 $Mon-Fri: 9 am-7pm
2Pencil pusher21 $210 $Mon-Fri: 9 am-7pmLogic 2, writing 2300 $
3Competent office worker25 $250 $Mon-Fri: 9 am-7pmLogic 3, writing 3$ 430 city suit
4Office old master37 $370 $Mon-Fri: 9 am-7pmLogic 4, writing 4$ 510 Charismatic Voice Bonus Feature

Specialized personnel career branch

The daily task for specialists deals with plenty of numbers: Sims have to "optimize calculation formulas" on the computer (career menu). This option is automatically activated when you reach the fifth career level and devours about an hour of gaming time. It is only considered completed when the task has been completed in full. The ability "do a power nap" fills the energy bar by around a quarter and lets your Sim wake up with the energetic moodlet!

  • The "Legendary Endurance" bonus feature Sims receive after reaching the maximum career level for both career branches. This means that the energy requirement decreases more slowly than with other Sims and gives you a little more active time after a strenuous day at the office.
stepJob titleWages / hourWages / dayWorking hourspromotionbonus
5Data ace61 $549 $Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Logic 5, programming 3$ 575, Omazake recipe, optimize calculation formulas
6Calculation genius112 $1.008 $Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Logic 6, programming 4$ 620, power nap (on sofa or bed)
7Spreadsheet mastermind127 $1.016 $Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.Logic 7, programming 5$ 710, energy push recipe (mix at bar)
8Master of the cells177 $1.416 $Tue-Fri, Sun: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.Logic 8, programming 6$ 900, Busy Night Owl table lamp, Exercise to Relax (on treadmill exercise machine)
9Formula virtuoso190 $1.330 $Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 10: 00-17: 00Logic 9, programming 7$ 1,050 Employee of the Month T-Shirt
10Cloud data guru272 $1.904 $Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 10: 00-17: 00$ 1,450, Zen in Accomplishment Room, Legendary Endurance Bonus Feature

Career branch executive

The daily task as a manager is to moderate a conference call. This option in the work menu of your smartphone is automatically activated as a bonus when you reach the fifth career level. The promotion lasts about an hour of game time and does not count as completed until it has ended.

  • The "Legendary Endurance" bonus feature Sims receive after reaching the maximum career level for both career branches. This means that the energy requirement decreases more slowly than with other Sims - after all, office people are used to working extra shifts!
stepJob titleWages / hourWages / dayWorking hourspromotionbonus
5Dear staff70 $560 $Mon-Fri: 09: 00-17: 00Logic 5, Charisma 3$ 550, Yakitori Chicken Skewer Recipe, Moderate Conference Call