What are the makeup trends for summer 2019

Make-up: The most beautiful trends in spring 2019

What is currently trendy in terms of beauty? These are the most beautiful makeup trends for spring 2019.

The make-up trends for spring and summer 2019 have been fixed since last year's fashion shows - but now it's time to put them in the limelight. At the start of the season, we collected the three most beautiful and most important beauty trends from the catwalks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. These are the spring favorites of international designers.

Sunset makeup

A complexion as if kissed by the sun. One of the most important beauty trends in spring 2019 is make-up in the colors of the sunset: golden yellow, orange, coral and pink not only cause a sensation as blush and on the lips, but are also used for eye make-up.

Several designers sent their models with bright orange eyeshadow across the catwalk - an absolute statement look. If you choose the softer nuances of the Sunset palette, you can use it to set warm accents and shine in competition with the spring sun.

Metallic accents with a gloss effect

The next beauty trend can also make your eyes shine: eyeshadows in gold, silver, bronze and copper will ensure a futuristic look in spring 2019. It is important that the rest of the make-up is kept subtle. Make-up artists rely on a liquid finish with a combination of gel foundation, nude-colored lip gloss and subtly painted eyelashes.

Doll eyes

If, on the other hand, you prefer to focus on the eyelashes, this make-up trend is the best choice: Doll Eyes. The wow eyelashes promise a seductive look and a slightly surreal look. Regardless of whether you have delicate fly legs in the lower row of eyelashes or completely heavily made-up eyelashes with a velvety texture - you can wash properly.

Here is an insider tip from the make-up professionals: To make the eyelashes stick together better, you can put some baby powder on the eyelashes after the first ink. Then apply again and the dramatic Doll Eyes are ready.