How can I get better at PUBG

PUBG: Tips for beginners and advanced users

In PUBG and PUBG Mobile the fight for the chicken dinner is not easy - after all, there are up to 100 players in one round. To increase your chances of winning, there are a few things to watch out for. We have put together the most important tips for you that should help beginners and advanced learners.

PUBG is primarily a tactical game. If you storm across the map with your rifle at the ready, sooner or later you will be caught by another player. After you have familiarized yourself with the basic knowledge of the game and developed a routine for jumping out of the plane and your first few minutes of the game, ideally you will train your combat and survival skills.

Be prepared for battle

Even the best equipment, including your favorite weapon, is of little use if you immediately go to the ground at the first contact with the enemy, while all of your shots have riddled the wall behind him rather than the enemy. So learn to shoot first in PUBG. This is especially important because the weapons tend to behave realistically. It takes a little practice to get a feel for the distance over which your bullets are still flying straight ahead with which guns.

You cannot prepare very well for combat with the shooting range alone. So you should jump right into a game and jump off the plane where most of the other players do. Usually these are larger building complexes or cities. Then find a weapon as quickly as possible and go into battle.

Most likely the round will be over quickly for you and you will be sitting in the next plane on the way to the playing card. But this way you gain a lot of combat experience in a short time. If an enemy later surprises you during “serious” rounds, you will instinctively know what to do - and you will hit your target. In addition, you quickly get a feel for several weapon types in PUBG, which ultimately makes you more flexible.

With a frying pan, you won't be quite as successful in the game as the character from this PUBG trailer, even with a lot of practice.

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Keep an eye on the goal

PUBG and PUBG Mobile are all about getting the Chicken Dinner - being the last player alive in the Battle Royale. You should be clear about what that means: It won't help you to win if you just have most of your teammates on your conscience. If you search houses, you should cover your tracks. And if you can avoid contact with the enemy, this is usually the better decision - after all, there are countless other players who can take care of him. Especially when you or your team see several opponents, the question remains whether a confrontation is not too risky.

You can also become victorious by just collecting equipment for half of a round and sneaking through the buildings instead of attacking every enemy. Only when very few players are standing do battles usually become inevitable. If your character is still in full health, has armor intact and has enough bullets in the magazine, this is certainly an advantage.

With headphones and without shoes

You should be very attentive, especially when searching through houses. In many cases, a battle in PUBG is decided by who discovered whom first. If you overlook your opponent, you should at least hear them. Treacherous footstep noises can point you in time to an approaching enemy and give you a decisive advantage. It is therefore advisable to play PUBG or PUBG Mobile with headphones. With a good model, you can find out relatively precisely from which direction the steps are coming.

You should assume that your teammates also have ears - and possibly even headphones. Therefore, you should make as little noise as possible in the Battle Royale title. Your steps will already be quieter if you move more slowly or even crawl across the floor.

It gets even quieter when you take off your character's shoes. This barefoot makes different noises on certain surfaces. Steps arrive in buildings with less bass, for example, and are easier to ignore - this is how you “piss off” in PUBG.

Sprint faster

It can quickly happen that you collect a lot of equipment and forget that the playing field is getting smaller. This is especially annoying when you are a good distance from the zone. If you then have to get to the active zone as quickly as possible and there is no vehicle nearby, only the sprint will help. If you are strongly convinced that you will not get into any combat on your way, you should put away your current weapon. Hands-free you are a little faster.


  • In order to do better in PUBG, you must not skip the preparation - the shooting range and practice rounds are ideal for this.
  • Avoid fights if it gets you closer to being last on the map.
  • Noises are telltale: It's best to play PUBG with headphones and move as quietly as possible in urban warfare.
  • When the going gets tough and you don't want to end up outside the continuously shrinking map, you should put your weapon in your pocket for particularly fast, long sprints.

Did our tips help you or are you already a professional in PUBG? Write us your answer in the comments.

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