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Physical (physical) violence includes all forms of abuse: slapping, shaking (by babies and young children), pushing, kicking, boxing, throwing objects, pulling hair, beating objects with fists or against the wall beat, burn (with cigarettes), attacks with weapons etc. up to attempted murder or murder.

If physical violence is not exercised directly on the victim, but on important people in the victim's environment or on things (e.g. the destruction of things that are of special value to the victim) or (domestic) animals, then physical violence has one result in psychological violence.

Neglect of children and dependent family members has psychological and physical components, e.g. if nutrition, care and medical help are not given adequately or children are not properly supervised and supported.

Because acts of violence are subject to social norms, these determine whether behavior is understood as a tolerable sanctioning of misconduct or as abuse.

In the case of physical violence, individual researchers also differentiate between lighter and more severe forms of abuse.

The so-called lighter forms are acts of violence, some of which are still socially tolerated and accepted as “normal means of education”. These include slaps in the face, a slap on the bottom, but also shaking, pushing, holding on, pulling on the ears / hair and pinching.

Severe physical abuse usually shows visible signs such as breaks, burns, cuts, stitches, bruises, internal bleeding. They usually require medical treatment and are barely tolerated by society.

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